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Chocolate Conching Machine15 Apr 2016

The origin of the conche dates back to over 120 years ago. At that time, in the late 19th Century, Rodolphe Lindt et fils discovered that the quality of chocolate could be massively improved through prolonged churning and stirring (conching). The longitudinal Lindt agitator that was used at that time is known today as a conche or longitudinal conche or even as the old fashioned conche.

But the good old longitudinal conche can still compete with the quality of today’s modern conches. It goes without saying that the modern high-tech conches have speeded up the work processes. However, the careful processing of the longitudinal conche still represents the highest quality and reliable consistency time and time again.

Conching is here to stay in modern chocolate factories, even if the latest technology for simplifying processes and accelerated production methods produce excellent results. Conching still has to be integrated into the process in some way or another. For smaller and medium-sized enterprises, which place great value on high quality in the production of chocolate, a longitudinal conche is still one of the best production modules. In simple terms, the refinement of the chocolate in the conche is based on dispersing unwanted substances from the cocoa mass, as well as ensuring the homogeneous distribution of the cocoa butter.

The mass inside the conche is aerated with fresh air and travels through a series of pressing and pulling conche rollers. Small conches are used today for the purposes of research and development of chocolate, as well as for quality and process assurance in laboratories and factories.

Over the past few years, it has become easier to buy your own conche. From the wide range of small and medium-sized conches, the buyer is sure to find the optimal size for them at The selection ranges from a 20L conche, a 40L conche up to 500, 1000, 2000, or 3000L conches.

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