Nuts Spreader

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Nuts Spreader

Gusu Nuts Spreader is a set of special equipment for sprinkling material on the chocolate enrobing products. The machine is installed between the chocolate enrobing machine and the cooling tunnel.

This Sprinkling Machine is suitable for all dry, free-flowing, sprinkling materials, like nuts, sesame, and peanut, etc.

The sprinkling material is gently deposited via a special conveyor belt with infinitely adjustable sprinkling output.

All sprinkling systems are manufactured completely from stainless steel material.

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Nuts Spreader

Gusu Nuts Spreader is an efficient and quality sprinkling machine and equipment.

The chocolate sprinkling machine is mostly used in conjunction with our factory’s TYJ 1000 enrober. It is specially designed to spread solid granular materials such as nuts, sesame, etc. after enrobing.

The machine requires that the material to be spread should be of uniform size and thickness. Wholesale chocolate sprinkling equipment, chocolate sprinkler, and nuts bar making machine are price reasonable and reliable.

The processing and manufacturing of chocolate will be more efficient and safe.

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Nuts Spreader

Gusu Nuts Spreader is specially used in the chocolate production line.

The sprinkling system is produced by a qualified and certificated chocolate sprinkling machine manufacturer in China.

The precision machinery we produce has good stability. Nuts will be more effectively spread.

Except for this, the motor drives the screen wheel which feeds the material.

The screen wheel in turn rotates the material spreading roller which uniformly spreads the material over the surface of the enrobed items.

nuts spreader1

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Sprinkling Machine

Sprinkling System

Chocolate Grain Sprinkling Machine

Chocolate Sprinkles Machine

Gusu chocolate sprinkles machine is specially used for the chocolate enrobing products.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as the manufacturer, supplier, and factory of chocolate grain sprinkling machine, chocolate sprinkling machine, and chocolate sprinkler.

Chocolate Sprinkling Equipment

Gusu chocolate sprinkling machine is used in the chocolate production line.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as China manufacturer and wholesaler of the nuts spreader, chocolate grain sprinkling machine, and nuts bar making machine, will provide the best-qualified chocolate equipment.