Fat Melting Kettle

Fat Melting Kettle

Fat Melting Kettle is a piece of auxiliary equipment to produce chocolate, mainly used for melting cocoa liquor or cocoa butter substitute to meet the requirements of chocolate production.

Gusu Fat Melting Kettle has its own integral heating system and control panel and is constructed by stainless steel, which is with all contact parts 304 stainless steel.

The holding tank can stir for a chocolate option for two heating systems, so you can have one temperature for melting and another for holding if the required option for jacketed chocolate/fat pump and jacketed pipelines.

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Fat Melting Kettle Information

Gusu Chocolate Fat Melting Kettle​ was designed to continuously melt chocolate, compound, butter, and fat, whether in chip/button or block form. They have a holding unit, which enables you to draw from the tank whilst still melting the product. 

1) All tanks can be made to your preferred size. We can offer round or square tanks;

2) Full stainless steel construction in either 304 or 316;

3) Temperature controllable;

4) Top driven gate-type stirrers for round tanks;

5) It also has the function of preventing fat separation from the chocolate tank;

6) The discharge port has been updated from the traditional flange interface to the quick joint.

Model Capacity (L) Heating Power (kW) Water Temperature in the Jacket(℃) Water jacket pressure Dimension (mm)
RYG-3 120*3 9 40~65 ≤1.5kg 2300*800*1000
RYG-4 250*4 12 40~65 ≤1.5kg 2300*1250*1000
RYG500 500 12 40~65 ≤1.5kg φ1220*1500
RYG1000 1000 15 40~65 ≤1.5kg 2550*1670*1820

Chocolate Fat Melting Kettle

Gusu Chocolate Fat Melting Kettle is a high productivity and durable chocolate melting machine and equipment.

Wholesale cocoa butter melting machine, fat-melting machine, and chocolate melting pot are price reasonable and reliable.

Furthermore, Gusu chocolate melter is designed for the continuously melting of chocolate, compound, butter, and fat, whether in chip/button or block form.

The chocolate melter also has a holding function, which enables you to draw from the tank while still melting the product.

The processing and manufacturing of chocolate will be more efficient and safe.

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fat melter tank

Chocolate Fat Melting Kettle

Gusu Chocolate Fat Melting Kettle is specially used in the chocolate production line.

The chocolate melter is produced by the qualified and certificated China high efficiency melting machine manufacturer.

The precision machinery we produce has good stability.

The Fat Melter can be equipped with large melting grills for high melter rates.

The design of the chocolate melter has been manufactured with safety in mind, as the melters have a low loading height, within 1100mm, which means there is no need for stairs or gantries.

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Related Names

Fat Melter 

Fat Melting Machine 

Fat Melting Tank

Cocoa Butter Melting Machine

Butter Melting Machine

Gusu butter melting machine is specially used for continuously melting chocolate, compound, butter, and fat.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as the manufacturer, supplier, and factory of butter melting kettle machinery, butter melting tank, and cocoa butter melting machine, is worth trusting.

Fat Melting Tank

Gusu melting tank is used in the chocolate melting production.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as the best chocolate melting tank manufacturer, fat-melting tank, and chocolate melting equipment in China, will provide the best-qualified chocolate equipment.