Compound Candy Bar Making Line

Compound Candy Bar Making Line

Gusu Machinery® Candy Bar Line is designed to meet the fast-growing market demand for bar products like Snicker, Nougat, Cereal Bar, Grains Bar, Energy Bar, Fruit Bar, Protein Bar, etc.

This line is The production line can produce all kinds of sugar platters or other platters, and can also produce nougat, toffee composite layer (with or without nuts), granola bars, etc.

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GUSU Compound Candy Bar Making Line Detail

Gusu Compound Candy Bar Making Line is designed to mix boiled syrup, powder, grain, etc, through pre-cooling, to form the uniform thickness and width, then cut into blocks or bars by longitudinal and latitudinal cutter, then transport to Enrober to coat the product surface with a layer of chocolate; Create a unique bar.

1) Application: energy bar, protein bar, fruit bar, nougat, Snickers, Sachima, etc.

2) Model: Gusu candy bar is available in five widths: 200,300,400,600 and 800 mm. All functions of the forming line can be controlled by one or two PLC control cabinets.

3)All the equipment is manufactured to be extremely robust and reliable.

4)The machinery is almost full stainless steel construction for maximum hygiene and simple cleaning down.

Model Single Group Roller Width (mm) Compound Group Roller Width (mm) Flatten Roller Width (mm) Roller Temp. (℃)
TPX200 150-200 150-200 150-200 -20~-70
TPX300 280-330 280-330 280-330 -20~-70
TPX400 380-430 380-430 380-430 -20~-70
TPX600 580-630 580-630 580-630 -20~-70
TPX800 780-830 780-830 780-830 -20~-70

Compound Candy Bar Making Line Details

Gusu Chocolate Candy Bar Making Machine is a multifunctional and quality chocolate bar production line with chocolate machines and equipment. Gusu Candy Bar Forming Line is available in four widths: 400, 600, and 800mm.

All functions of the bar forming line are regulated by means of one or two PLC control cabinets which are very easy to operate and saves time. The option of incorporating a cooling tunnel for enhanced cooling of the product layers.

High-quality rollers designed to guarantee both precise forming and optimum cold transfer from the brine tank (Copeland Brand) to the product. The outstanding performance of the cooling equipment and system used for subsequent drying of product layers.

Maximum efficiency and reliability and the option of varying cut dimensions, both in terms of length and width.

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Compound Candy Bar Making Line Advantages

Gusu Compound Candy Bar Making Machine is guaranteed all process of candy bar making production.

With its own modular machine, this making line can be adapted for the production of any product the market might require: Energy Bar, Cereal Bar, Grain Bar, Protein Bar, Fruit Bar, Nougat, etc.

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Compound Candy Bar Making Line Components

  • 1 Compound Single Group Roller
  • 2 Compound Group Roller
  • 4 Particle Spreader
  • 5 Former Roller
  • 6 Cooling Tunnel
  • 7 Longitudinal Cutter
  • 8 Longitudinal Distribution
  • 9 Latitudinal Cutter
  • 10 Chocolate enrober(Selective)
compound candy bar making line mechanical composition

Candy Bar Making Machine

Gusu chocolate candy bar making machine is specially used for both candy bars and bar products, which are intended for diet and nutritional markets.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as the manufacturer, supplier, and factory of candy making equipment, chocolate bar production line and candy bar production line are worth trusting.

Automatic Chocolate Bar Making Line

Gusu automatic chocolate bar making line is used in the chocolate bar making line.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as China manufacturer and wholesaler of the automatic chocolate bar making machine, chocolate bar production line, and compound candy bar automatic production machine, will provide the best-qualified chocolate equipment.

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