Chocolate Tempering Machine

Chocolate Tempering Machine

Chocolate Tempering Machine is an important piece of equipment in the production of chocolate. The machine can be automatically controlled according to the temperature required in each stage of the chocolate temperature regulation process to ensure the quality of chocolate.

Gusu Machinery QT Series Chocolate Tempering Machines are the perfect preliminary step for molding and enrobing (coating) processes.

Specially designed to provide the pure cocoa butter in the chocolate with the appropriate crystal structure, it facilitates subsequent processing and ensures structural stability after the solidification and packaging stages.

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With Chocolate Tempering Machine, the ultimate goal is to have the best crystals- the β crystals. Depositing, molding, or filling your products with tempered chocolate containing a majority of the β crystal will result in a high-quality product that not only has a longer shelf life but a product that the customers will love. Therefore, it is essential that you make sure to have the tempering process as a top priority since it is where the process of quality of the product begins.

1)Multi zone Chocolate Tempering Machine with outputs of 100kg/h, 250kg/h, 500Kg /h, 1000kg/h and 2000kg/h.

2)The machines have four tempering zones, and it uses an interval process of tempering.

3)With automatic tempering system where control of the cooling of liquid chocolate produces blended even seed for the crystal to build upon.

4)  GUSU Tempering Machine is controlled via Siemens touch screen & controlled by PLC.

5)Sequential passages where chocolate is first heated and then cooled to keep fluidity and a perfect union of crystal.

6)Include a refrigeration unit or heat exchanger.

7)Production cycle is constantly controlled by temperature sensors.

Model Capacity (kg/h) Total Power (kW) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
QT100 100 7.25 450 980*840*1750
QT250 250 7.75 670 980*840*2060
QT500 500 10 800 1100*970*2050
QT1000 1000 26.75 1200 1760*1440*1960
QT2000 2000 34.5 1500 1760*1440*1960

Chocolate Tempering Machine Details

Gusu Chocolate Tempering Machine is a professional and durable chocolate tempering equipment.

The feeding pump set up in front of the chocolate tempering machine feeds the chocolate paste into the thermostat unit, which is equipped with revolving plates mounted on the main shaft driven by the main shaft motor.

These plates are housed in independent stainless steel double-jacketed compartments.

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Chocolate Tempering Machine Info

Gusu Chocolate Tempering Machine is specially used in the chocolate production line. The chocolate tempering moulding machine is produced by a qualified and certificated chocolate tempering machine manufacturer in China. The precision machinery we produce has good stability.

Through which circulates chilled water that must be supplied in a controlled, constant stream.

A very thin layer of chocolate is provided to circulate between the plates and the compartment. Since the Chocolate Tempering Machine is divided into different zones and the temperature of each zone is controlled exhaustively, the cold is transferred quickly to chocolate.

Chocolate Tempering Machine

Chocolate Tempering Machine Features

  • 1 indispensable equipment in the chocolate production line
  • 2 automatically controlled
  • 3 in strict line with the temperature required for each section in the tempering procedure
  • 4 guarantee the quality of chocolate

Chocolate Tempering Equipment

Gusu chocolate tempering equipment is specially used for chocolate molding and enrobing (coating) processes.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as the manufacturer, supplier, and factory of chocolate tempering machine, chocolate tempering moulding machine, tempering coating machine.

Chocolate Tempering Moulding Machine

Gusu chocolate tempering moulding machine is used in the chocolate production line.

Gusu chocolate machinery, a China manufacturer and wholesaler of chocolate tempering machine, tempering coating machine, and chocolate tempering machine plant, will provide the best-qualified chocolate equipment.

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