Chocolate Storage Tank

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Chocolate Storage Tank

Gusu Storage Tank is a crucial step in chocolate production – between the tempering and final molding phase.

If you want delicately molded chocolates, the chocolate must be kept at the correct consistency and temperature.

A highly advanced chocolate tank is the only way to achieve such results and exactly why you should choose Gusu Machinery® as your machine supplier.

And A heavy-duty stirrer guarantees a continuous agitation of the mass. Water temperature in the jacket is controlled by means of a thermostat control which is governed by the setting on the control panel.

The production of good quality chocolate requires a very specific production process. Gusu designs and manufactures tanks and process equipment specifically intended for the processing of chocolate. The Chocolate Storage Tank meets the highest quality standards and hygiene standards.

1)Gusu Storage Tank is made from full stainless steel;

2)Tanks have water-jacketed heating systems and top-driven gate-type stirrers;

3) A fully controllable thermostat ensures the chocolate is warmed to the correct temperature.

Model Capacity(L) Motor Power (kW) Total Power (kW) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
BWG30 30 0.37 4.37 80 φ420*800
BWG60 60 0.55 4.55 95 φ550*800
BWG100 100 0.75 4.75 120 φ600*900
BWG200 200 0.75 6.75 155 φ700*1220
BWG300 300 0.75 6.75 210 φ940*1000
BWG500 500 1.1 7.1 260 φ988*1520
BWG1000 1000 1.5 7.5 470 φ1290*1620
BWG2000 2000 3 9 950 φ1510*2060
BWG3000 3000 4 10 1300 φ1830*2080
BWG5000 5000 5.5 14.5 3500 φ1930*2720

Chocolate Storage Tank Introduction

Gusu Chocolate Storage Tank is a professional and durable chocolate holding machine and equipment.

From 100L to 5,000L and higher in the standard range of vertical tanks. Larger capacity vertical and horizontal tanks can be built to suit your specific need.

These fully China made storage tanks are used to store finished liquid masses like chocolate, at a required temperature and are continuously moved by means of the stirrer in one direction. The processing and manufacturing of chocolate will be more efficient and safe.

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Beneficial Effects Of Chocolate Storage Tank Technology

At the same time, the heating function of the heating container is used to heat and stir chocolate efficiently and evenly in the chocolate production process. In the conveying process, jacketed cooling is adopted, the structure is simple and ingenious, and the structure is simple and ingenious, and the design of the compartment is used to pass condensate into it. As the liquid chocolate is cooled during transportation with the rotation of the screw in the water jacket, the crystal in the chocolate is converted into a stable crystal, so that the chocolate taste and color are more prominent, and no whitening phenomenon occurs during the shelf life, and is suitable for large-scale industrial production. 

The chocolate holding tank comprises a heating stirring part and a cooling conveying part, the heating stirring part including a heating container, a stirring paddle arranged in the heating container to be driven for rotating stirring, the cooling conveying part comprising a jacketed cylinder communicated with the bottom of the heating container through a connecting pipe, a strainer arranged in the cylinder, and a discharge pipe communicating with the discharge end of the cylinder. The chocolate holding tank integrates heating, stirring and cooling conveying, reducing the complexity of the instrument and improving the processing efficiency. At the same time, the heating function of the heating container is used to heat and stir chocolate efficiently and evenly in the chocolate production process. The tank utilizes the design of a compartment in which condensate is introduced, cooling the chocolate during transportation as the liquid chocolate rotates in the water jacket with the rotation of the screw.

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Chocolate Storage Tank Advantages

Gusu Chocolate Storage Machine is specially used in the chocolate production line. The chocolate storage tank is produced by a qualified and certificated stainless steel storage tank manufacturer in China.

The precision machinery we produce has good stability. Protection of the motor, where the motor will stop until the product in the tank has reached a melting point, which is governed by the flexibility of setting the multi-levels of temperatures in the display panel.

The main body of the chocolate holding tank heating container is double-layer structure, electric furnace wire is arranged between the inner wall and the outer wall of the container body, multiple sets of heating rods are arranged at the bottom of the container body, and discharge grooves communicating with the connecting pipe are arranged at the bottom. The inner wall of the container body is provided with a number of semi-cylindrical grooves in the vertical direction. The stirring paddle comprises a first stirring arm, a second stirring arm, and a connecting rod.

The first stirring arm and the second stirring arm are inclined to both sides of the connecting rod, and have a 10° -30° angle with the connecting rod vertically. The first and second stirring arms have different heights and are at a 15° angle perpendicular to the connecting rod. The stranded dragon comprises a stranded dragon rod and a blade, and the blade is spirally wound and fixed to the outer surface of the stranded dragon rod. The cylinder is set upright at the back of the heating vessel, and the angle between the blade and the stranded rod is 60° -80°. The top of the stranded dragon is connected with the drive motor transmission, and a heat sink is arranged on the top of the stranded dragon. Also included is a chiller communicating with a jacket of the jacketed cylinder to cool the circulating water.

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Chocolate Storage Tank Main Features

Stainless Steel Storage Tank

Gusu stainless steel storage tank is specially used for the crucial step in chocolate production. Gusu chocolate machinery, as the manufacturer, supplier, and factory of the chocolate storage tank, chocolate holding tank, and chocolate holding machine are worth trusting.

With its thicker tank walls, this machine gives a much longer life and assisting with holding temperatures longer delivering energy savings.

Chocolate Holding Tank

Gusu holding tank is between the tempering and final molding phase. Gusu chocolate machinery, as China manufacturer and wholesaler of chocolate storage tanks, stainless steel storage tanks, and other chocolate processing equipment, will provide the best-qualified chocolate equipment.

By improving SEW Drive the double seals in the vertically mounted motor drive with also an oil flinger drip tray as a backup precaution to the special double seal design.