Chocolate Moulding Machine

Chocolate Moulding Machine

Gusu Chocolate Moulding Machine, which is put in a chocolate moulding line, can be used to produce any type of molded chocolate products, whether solid, filled by means of a classic three-station or one-shot process, or containing nuts.

Moreover, chocolate products can be manufactured with biscuits or wafers simply by installing the relevant feeding units.

Gusu Chocolate Molding Line offers adjustable capacities in order to meet diverse production needs.

Production Capacities range from 100kg/h to 275kg/h with our QJJ275 models.

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Model Capacity (T/Day) Total Power (kW) Moulding board dims. Weight (kg) Outer Dimension (mm)
QJJ100-A 0.8 1.44 275*175 100 2000*600*1250
QJJ100-B 0.8 1.44 275*175 100 1000*600*1250
QJJ150 1.5 7.47 275*175 500 4000*520*1500
QJJ175 2-2.5 17.4 300*225 5000 14000*1000*2350
QJJ175B 1.5-2 20 280*200 6000 16000*1100*2100
QJJ275 1.5-2 45 275*175 5800 12726*5240*1810

Chocolate Moulding Machine

Gusu Chocolate Moulding Machine is a high productivity and quality moulding machine and equipment, which is manufactured in stainless steel.

With ample use of servo/pneumatic/ mechanical motors, it can perform synchronized movements such as mold lifting or rolling-over ensures maximum precision.

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Chocolate Moulding Machine

Gusu Chocolate Moulding Machine is specially used in the chocolate production line.

The chocolate moulding machinery is produced by a qualified and certificated chocolate moulding line manufacturer in China. The precision machinery we produce has good stability.

Multifunction molding heads are working in continuous motion. This machine has a user-friendly, PLC-equipped screen for centralized electronic control of all functions.

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Related Names

Chocolate Moulding Machine

Chocolate Molder

Chocolate Molding Plant

Chocolate Molder

Gusu chocolate molder is specially used in the chocolate moulding line.

Gusu chocolate machinery, like a chocolate moulding machine manufacturer, supplier and factory, the chocolate moulding equipment and chocolate molder we provide are worth trusting.

Chocolate Moulding Plant

Gusu chocolate moulding plant is used in the chocolate moulding line. Gusu chocolate machinery, a China manufacturer and wholesaler of chocolate moulding machinery, chocolate moulding equipment, and chocolate moulding machinery plant, will provide the best-qualified chocolate equipment.