Chocolate Moulding Line

Chocolate Moulding Line

Gusu Chocolate Molding Line can be used to produce any type of molded chocolate products, whether solid, filled by means of a classic three-station or one-shot process or containing nuts. Moreover, chocolate products can be manufactured with biscuits or wafers simply by installing the relevant feeding units. GUSU Chocolate Molding Line offers adjustable capacities in order to meet diverse production needs.

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Chocolate Moulding Line

Gusu Chocolate Moulding Line Machine is quality and durable production line with chocolate cereal bar machine and equipment. First of all every driven chain connects to molds replaced by food grade conveyor belt which is more sanitary and meet the requirements of GMP and Food Production Standards. Secondly, cooling tunnel take vertical cooling instead of horizontal cooling which saves space and most importantly, avoid the foreign materials come into the chocolate.

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Chocolate Moulding Line

Gusu Chocolate Moulding Line Equipment is specially used in the chocolate production line. The chocolate moulding equipments are produced by the qualified and certificated chocolate moulding line manufacturer. Individual pre-cooling tunnel added for making shell of high rate center-filling and caramel depositing hopper are selective. Except for that two sets of molds clean units avoid chocolate left on the side of molds and circulation hot wind molds heating enhance the molds heating efficiently and effectively.

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Chocolate Moulding Machine

Chocolate Molder

Chocolate Molding Plant

Chocolate Depositing Line

Chocolate Depositor

Chocolate Depositing Line Machine

Gusu chocolate depositing line machine is specially used to produce any type of molded chocolate products. Gusu chocolate machinery , as the manufacturer, supplier and factory of chocolate moulding machinery, chocolate depositing machine and chocolate depositor machine, is worth trusting.

Automatic Chocolate Molding Plant

Gusu automatic chocolate molding plant is used in manufacturing of all kinds chocolate products. Gusu chocolate machinery, as China manufacturer and wholesaler of chocolate molding plant, chocolate depositor machine and chocolate depositing equipment, will provide the best qualified chocolate equipment.

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