Chocolate Enrober Machine

Chocolate Enrober Machine

Gusu Machinery® Chocolate Enrober Machine is specified equipment used for enrobing chocolate on the surface of products such as candy, cake, and biscuit, etc. Using this machine, you can make various unique flavors.

Gusu Chocolate Enrober Machine is made with belt width from 600 to 1200 mm and designed for all common enrobing tasks with tempered as well as non-tempered chocolate.

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Model Conveyor Belt Width (mm) Conveyor Belt Speed (m/min) Total Power (kW) Cooling Temp. (℃) Weight (kg) Outer Dimension (mm)
TYJ400 400 0~5 10.09 0~10 2000 2500*930*1750
TYJ600 600 0~5 11.29 0~10 2300 2500*1130*1750
TYJ800 800 0~5 12.54 0~10 2800 2500*1330*1750
TYJ900 900 0~5 12.94 0~10 3200 2500*1430*1750
TYJ1000 1000 0~5 13.54 0~10 3600 2500*1530*1750
TYJ1200 1200 0~5 13.94 0~10 4000 2500*1730*1750

Gusu Machinery® New Designed Chocolate Enrober Machine Advantages

1-Machine appearance is similar to European equipment which is well-looking and more humanized.

2-Cover and closing boards are designed simple and elegant which is easy to operate and maintain.

3-Chocolate Paste Hopper can be pushed and pulled very flexible. Easy to clean and leaving no dead angle.

4-The fan cover has a streamlining design to make the cooling more efficient and sufficient. The evaporator is specially designed(gained patent) to reduce the humidity of the cooling tunnel effectively and make high-quality chocolate.

5-This enrober machine can produce fully coated and half coated chocolate products. The thickness of the coating area is controlled by fan speed and vibration.

6-The food grade PU conveyor belt has an automatic correction device and the whole line is controlled by PLC.

7-The length of the whole enrober line can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements.

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chocolate enrober tyj

8-Widths from 400mm to 1200mm.

9-Easy maintenance and cleaning of the chocolate containment tank, with removable mesh conveyor.

10-High speed air-blowers adjustable by inverter group, to remove chocolate excess.

11-Industrial blower with variable temperature and adjustable height to remove excess chocolate.

12-Adjustable speed vibrational feature to remove excess chocolate.

13-Manufactured with food-grade approved materials such as stainless steel and plastics.

14-Bottom only or full coating of products.

15-Easy access to maintenance and cleaning;

16-Built-in stainless steel SUS304.

Chocolate Enrober Machine Combinatorial Arrangements

1-Automatic feed mechanism which can reduce operation staffs to improve production efficiency.

2-Patterns decorator which can make different colors of curve patterns coated on the surface to improve product level.

3-Material Spreader which can spread crushed peanut, sesame, or other nuts granules on the chocolate surface to enhance flavors.

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Frequency controlled:

Chocolate supply pump 
Wire mesh band 
Blower speed
Shaking device
Licking rollers

Chocolate Coating Machine

Enrober can make bottom enrobing, top enrobing, and combined bottom and top enrobing.

Partial enrobing by separation of the chocolate curtain, it can be decided which part or parts of articles to enrobe. Designed for three-shift operation. Gusu chocolate coating machine is specially used for the coating and enrobing of chocolate.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as the manufacturer, supplier, and factory of used chocolate enrober machine, chocolate coating line, and enrobing equipment for sale, is worth trusting.

Chocolate Enrobing Machine

Stainless steel construction 
Including one hot water system 
Height adjustable blower with calibrated adjustable nozzle 
Including return pump (optional)

Gusu chocolate enrobing machine is used in the chocolate coating and enrobing line.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as a China manufacturer and wholesaler of china candy sugar coating equipment, chocolate enrober for home use, chocolate coating pan, and chocolate coating tank, will provide the best-qualified chocolate equipment.

Chocolate Enrober Machine