Chocolate Delivery Pump

Chocolate Delivery Pump

Gusu Chocolate Delivery Pump is specialized for the delivery of chocolate mass.

The pump body is with a water-circulating heat preservation system. Customers can choose the different models according to the flow rate required.

The pump can be used individually or with other production lines for automatic chocolate mass feeding.

Chocolate Delivery Pump adopts hot water jacket insulation, pump inner cavity and impeller processing, stable gear transmission, low noise, energy flow, long service life, simple structure, adopt slurry pump, reduce labor intensity and improve production rate. 

Chocolate Machines such as chocolate delivery pump, chocolate bar making machine, chocolate drop depositor machine are all important equipment for chocolate manufacturers.

Model Flow Rate  (L/min) Delivery Lift (m) Motor Power (kW) Weight (kg) Outer Dimension (mm)
SJB25 25(Adjustable) 4 0.75 55 700*300*300
SJB32 32(Adjustable) 4 1.5 60 780*390*350
SJB4000 4000kg/h 10 2.2 165 1170*365*405

Chocolate Delivery Pump

Gusu Chocolate Delivery Pump Machine is an efficient and quality chocolate mass delivery machine and equipment.

Wholesale chocolate heat pumps, chocolate feeding machines, and chocolate delivery pump machines are price reasonable and reliable.

The processing and manufacturing of chocolate will be more efficient and safe.

Gusu Chocolate Delivery Pump is a device specially designed for conveying chocolate paste and other cream mixtures. The pump body is jacketed for insulation. 

Customers can choose different models according to the traffic they need. 

This series of chocolate machines can be used alone or in combination with production lines such as chocolate bar making machine, chocolate drop depositor machine, chocolate conche, etc.

chocolate delivery pump
China chocolate delivery pump

Chocolate Delivery Pump

Gusu chocolate delivery pump is specially used in the chocolate production line.

The chocolate delivery pump is produced by the qualified and certificated chocolate machine manufacturer in China.

The chocolate machine we produce has good stability.

The chocolate delivery pump will be intact delivered.

The movement direction of the spiral rotor is the same as the material flow direction, so the material is not damaged and stirred;

Chocolate delivery pump can be rotated, and can be reversed, the chocolate delivery pump can change the flow direction arbitrarily according to the needs of the production process; it can transport materials containing granular properties, and no shear and damage to the product; 

It can transport low-viscosity materials, or high-viscosity Materials can be conveyed as long as the material can flow; liquid, gas-containing liquid, and solid-liquid materials can be mixed, even if there is a large amount of gas.

According to the pump model, there are eight series, optional flow 3-300m3/h; optional pressure 0.6-2.5Mpa according to the viscosity of the liquid; fluid of various viscosity can be conveyed, up to 2,000cps; speed up to 4000rpm; working temperature 150℃; good suction performance, self-priming ability after emptying, vacuum degree -0.09Mpa, uniform flow Modular structure, solid structure, easy installation and maintenance, can use ordinary 2 or 4 motors, can choose frequency conversion speed control; the pump body is the core component of the whole system, composed of front cavity cover, cavity, screw rotor, rotating shaft, machine seal cavity, mechanical seal and other parts.

The transmission shaft adopts strong and reinforced design, integrated structure, high-strength special precipitated stainless steel material, chocolate delivery pump seal adopts circulating water seal form, adopts high-pressure spring, hygienic and durable.

Features of Chocolate Delivery Pump

There is no suction valve and discharge valve, the main working parts are pump shell and rotor (such as gear, screw, cam, etc.)

Compared with the reciprocating pump, the rotor has rotary motion, no impact, high speed, compact structure and small volume.

The discharge pressure is generally higher, but lower than the reciprocating pump, the flow rate is smaller than the reciprocating pump, and the efficiency is lower.

chocolate delivery pump

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Gusu chocolate feeding pump is specially used for chocolate mass feeding.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as the manufacturer, supplier, and factory of chocolate heat pumps, chocolate feeding machine, and chocolate mass delivery pump.

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Gusu chocolate heating pump is used in the chocolate other production lines.

Gusu chocolate machinery, a China manufacturer and wholesaler of chocolate feeding machines, chocolate heat pumps, and chocolate delivery pump machines will provide the best-qualified chocolate equipment.