Chocolate Conche Machine

Chocolate Conche Machine

Gusu Food Processing Machinery Suzhou Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturer of chocolate conche in China and this model is the fourth generation which updated by the transmission, automatic motor knife with PLC control, with grinding, deodorization, dehydration functions, etc..easy maintenance, durability, preventing leakage grinding stability, energy-saving, etc. It’s the necessary machinery to produce chocolate.

This machinery is mainly used for the fine grinding of chocolate paste, also suitable for jam, peanut butter, and other liquid fuel.

Gusu Chocolate Conche Machine is a must-have machine for making chocolate. This model is the fourth generation of Gusu Machinery, which is updated by the transmission from the gearbox, elastic automatic motor, and PLC system control. Conche Machine has the functions of refining, grinding, deodorizing, dehydrating, etc. It is also easy to maintain, durable, leakproof, stable in performance, and energy saving.

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Chocolate Conche Machine Model Information

A fundamental stage in creating chocolate, conching enables homogenization of the product emerging from the Chocolate Conche Machine. a series of mechanisms make continuous grinding and mixing movements with all the materials like cocoa powder、cocoa butter、sugar powder, etc. to form a paste.

1) Consist of a vessel with a double jacket which enables circulation of the warm and cool water;

2) Manganese steel and carbon steel inside Chocolate Conche Machine for hardness requirement;

3) Updated by the transmission, automatic motor knife with PLC control;

4) With grinding, deodorization, dehydration functions, etc.;

5) Application: chocolate paste, fruit jam, peanut jam, sesame jam, and other liquid fuel;

6) Solid design. We have fifty years of design and manufacturing experience;

7) Compact structure and the Chocolate Conche Machine takes up very little space.

Model Capacity (kg) Fineness   (μm) Mill Time    (h) Motor Power  (kW) Total Power  (kW) N.W. (kg) Dimension (mm)
JMJ3000 3000 20~25 18~24 55 65.1 7000 4119*1920*2170
JMJ2000 2000 20~25 16~20 45 55.1 5300 2990*1920*2170
JMJ1000 1000 20~25 14~20 22 32.1 3700 2630*1200*1520
JMJ500 500 20~25 14~20 15 25.1 2500 2488*1220*1495
JMJ40 40 20~25 7~9 2.2 4.2 400 1026*610*1090
JMJ20 20 20~25 7~9 1.5 3.5 260 1026*560*1000

Chocolate Conche Machine Description

Products of Chocolate Conche Machine

Gusu Chocolate Conche Machine is a high-quality and durable chocolate making equipment for fine grinding, mixing, and mixing of chocolate raw materials.

It can also use for grinding soy flour, oil liquid, and daily chemical raw materials.

With this machine, you can make a variety of chocolate products, such as chocolate, chocolate in a liquid state for enrobed or molded products, compounds, and chocolate for enrobed products.

Besides, Chocolate Conche Machine makes chocolate processing more efficient and safe.

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Advantages of Chocolate Conche Machine

  1. The motor is used to automatically tighten the knife and use the temperature control system to ensure the rapid heating and cooling of the water temperature in the jacket.
  2. The blade of the widened handle adopts spring steel to strengthen the running-in tightness of the blade and the liner to prolong the service life.
  3. Increase the size of the cylinder, the actual capacity is greater than the theoretical capacity.
    The cylinder body and the bottom seat are connected by screws and can be separated, which is convenient for maintenance and repair work.
  4. The outer cylinder body is made of stainless steel, with a clean and beautiful appearance.

Chocolate Conche Machine Certifications

Chocolate Conche JMJ500

Related Names

Conche Machine 

Chocolate Conching Machine 

Refine Mill 

Refiner Conche 

Chocolate refiner conche

Chocolate Refiner Conche Machinery

Gusu chocolate conche and refiner machine in China are specially used for efficient chocolate conching production.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as the manufacturer, supplier, and factory of chocolate refiner conche, conching machine, and refiner conch, is worth trusting.

Chocolate Pastes Making Machine

Gusu chocolate pastes making machine is used in the chocolate pastes making line.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as China manufacturer and wholesaler of chocolate conching equipment, conch machine, and refine mill, will provide the best-qualified chocolate conching machine for sale.

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