Chocolate Chip Making Machine

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Chocolate Chip Making Machine

Gusu Chocolate Chip Making machine allows for the deposit of chocolate and chocolate compound drops and chips in a variety of shapes and weights, ranging from 0.025 to 5 grams.

These types of products are ideal for industrial supply and subsequent melting, for decorating, and for use in other products, especially cookies and ice creams.

The Chip Depositor Line includes a double-jacketed depositor head equipped with temperature control and a fixed-speed agitator.

The movements of the head are coordinated with the belt used to collect the deposited products.

The line also includes a belt-lifting system for deposit enabling diverse drop shapes. The drops are forwarded into the cooling tunnel immediately after deposit.

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Chocolate Chip Making Machine Detail

Gusu Chocolate Chip Making Machine is specified equipment to produce small granule chocolate. the gram is from 0.025~5g. The chocolate liquid dripping directly onto the PU conveyor belt and moves into the cooling tunnel for cooling, according to the roller under the conveyor belt, the chocolate granules fall automatically. The machine has characteristics of accurate control, simple operation, a wide range of usage, and large production capacity.

1)Application: button shape、drops(with or without tail)、chunks、double-color etc.

2)All functions are monitored and controlled by a PLC in a separate control panel.

Model Conveyor Belt Width(mm) Drop Frequency (per/min) Tunnel Work Temp. (℃) Total Power (kW) Weight (kg) Outer Dimension (mm)
QDJ600 600 12~15 0~10 9.02 1500 14000*950*1750
QDJ800 800 12~15 0~10 10.52 2000 16000*1150*1750
QDJ1200 1200 12~15 0~10 22.2 2500 16000*1550*1750

Chocolate Chip Making Machine

Gusu Chocolate Chip Making Machine is a professional and quality chocolate dripping machine and equipment.

The depositor pistons, which are servo-controlled or pneumatic-driven enhance measuring precision.

Optimum tank size and double-jacketed water circulation system for efficient control of deposit temperatures, which makes this process easy to remove and clean chocolate agitator and tank.

Chocolate Conche Machine makes whole chocolate production more efficient.

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Chocolate Chip Making Machine

Gusu Chocolate Chip Making Machine is specially used in the chocolate production line.

The chocolate depositor machine is produced by the qualified and certificated chocolate chip depositing machine manufacturer in China.

The precision machinery we produce has good stability.

This highly versatile machine can be easily adapted to meet new products’ needs, both in terms of design and of changes in shape or weight, simply by replacing the distributor board, a process that takes minutes to complete.

It is available in a variety of belt widths, ranging from 400 to 1200mm.

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Related Names

Chocolate Chip Making Machine

Chocolate Dripping Machine

Chocolate Drop Depositor

Chocolate Conche Refiner Machine

Chocolate Dripping Equipment

Gusu chocolate dripping equipment is specially used for the deposit of chocolate and chocolate compound drops and chips in a variety of shapes and weights.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as the manufacturer, supplier, and factory of chocolate drop depositing line, chocolate depositor machine, and china chocolate chips depositing machine, is worth trusting.

Chocolate Drop Depositor

Gusu chocolate drop depositor machine is used in the chocolate drop depositing line.

Gusu chocolate machinery, a China manufacturer and wholesaler of one-shot chocolate chip machines, chocolate chips depositor, and chocolate dripping machine factory, will provide the best-qualified chocolate drop dispenser products.