Chocolate Bean Roller Former

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Chocolate Bean Roller Former

Gusu Chocolate Bean Roller Former is specially used for cold rolling to produce chocolate.

The equipment is designed for entirely closed production, avoid operator contacting chocolate, and keep the chocolate products to reach food sanitation standard.

Chocolate Bean Roller Former shows energy-saving, mass production capacity, high safety, and automation, easy to operate.

The equipment can produce kinds of shapes of pure chocolate, including ball shape、ellipse shape、bean shape, etc.

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Chocolate Bean Roller Former Detail

Gusu Chocolate Bean Forming Machine is the special equipment for chocolate cold rolling. It can cool and shape a variety of different shapes of pure chocolate beans, including spherical, oval, lentil shape, and so on. The automatic chocolate bean forming machine has the characteristics of simple operation, high capacity, and safety. It is an ideal choice for chocolate bean production plants in the food industry.

1)The scope of application is wide. Cold rolling forming, which can cool the formation of a variety of shapes of pure chocolate lentils and beans;

2)The whole production process operates under fully automatic, which is suitable for continuous large-scale production;

3)Simple operation. Less affected by ambient temperature and humidity and is safe and hygienic;

4)Low energy consumption.

Model Roller Width (mm) Production Capacity (kg/h) Roller Speed (r/min) Surface Temp. of cooling Roller (℃) Cooling tunnel Temp. (℃) Cooling Time (min) Total Power (kW) Weight (kg) Outer Dimension   (mm)
QCJ400 400 100~150 0.3~1.5 -20 0~5 18~30 15 2400 8620*1040*2100
QCJ600 600 150~250 0.3~1.5 -20 0~5 18~30 15 2500 8620*1240*2100

Chocolate Bean Roller Former

Gusu Chocolate Bean Roller Former machine is a high productivity and durable m&m chocolate bean making machine and equipment.

Wholesale chocolate bean forming machines, chocolate bean making machines, and chocolate bean packing machines are price reasonable and reliable.

The processing and manufacturing of chocolate will be more efficient and safe.

Chocolate Bean Roller Former
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Chocolate Bean Roller Former

Gusu Chocolate Bean Roller Former machine is specialized in the chocolate production line. The chocolate ball making machine is produced by the qualified and certificated chocolate bean machinery manufacturer in China. The precision machinery we produce has good stability. The chocolate bean will be well shaped and molded.

chocolate bean roller former1

Related Names

Chocolate Ball Making Machine

Chocolate Ball Moulding Machine

Chocolate Ball Forming Machine

Chocolate Ball Moulding Machine

Gusu chocolate ball moulding machine is specially used for the moulding of m&m bean or other kinds of chocolate bean.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as the manufacturer, supplier, and factory of mm chocolate bean making machine, chocolate bean forming line, ball shape making machinery.

Chocolate Ball Forming Machine

Gusu chocolate ball forming machine is used in the chocolate beanball forming line.

Gusu chocolate machinery, as China manufacturer and supplier of sugar bean packing machine, m&m beans forming a line and chocolate bean forming machine plant.

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