What Machines Are Used To Make Chocolate? Training Manual From Chocolate Machine Maker(4)

Regarding which equipment we should select for making chocolate, we have come to the fourth series. In this article, we will focus on the chocolate enrober machine.

1. What Is a Chocolate Enrober Machine

The chocolate enrober machine is a remarkable piece of equipment for producing compound chocolate food. It can dip chocolate paste on the surface of various foods, such as biscuits, wafers, egg rolls, egg yolk pie, puffed food, etc., to form a variety of unique taste chocolate products.

The chocolate enrober machine can also call an enrobing machine, enrobing chocolate equipment, enrobing chocolate machine.

Chocolate Enrober Machine
Chocolate Enrober Machine

Components Of Chocolate Enrober Machine

The chocolate enrober machine is mainly composed of two parts, the coating mechanism, and the blowing mechanism.

The chocolate coating and showering mechanism include:

  • A circuit system.
  • A transmission motor.
  • A mesh belt.
  • A chocolate system.
  • A heat preservation system.
  • A coating mechanism.

The mechanism is a critical part that can coat food with chocolate paste.

The chocolate blowing mechanism is a mechanism that controls the thickness of the chocolate on the surface of the food. In addition, the air duct can control the air volume by frequency conversion, the vibration of the mesh belt can prevent the falling of the excess chocolate mass, and the tail remover can cut off the trailing chocolate mass.

chocolate enrober
chocolate enrober

Usually, the chocolate coating machine is for a single-surface coating of food. Still, when used in combination with a biscuit turning mechanism or a pressing roller mechanism, the food can be bottom-coated.

Workflow Of Chocolate Enrober Machine

  • Biscuits or bread are first transported through a hopper filled with chocolate paste.
  • The biscuits passing by in the chocolate syrup cover with chocolate.
  • To prevent the coating from being too thick, the biscuits coated with chocolate are given through a hairdryer to blow off the excess chocolate paste.
  • In this way, the chocolate coating machine has finished its work, and the coated biscuits or biscuits will be sent into a dedicated cooling tunnel.
  • Of course, some foods have a chocolate coating on the surface and crushed nuts. At this time, you need to add a nut-spreading machine behind the coating machine.

2.Chocolate Enrober Machine Supporting Equipment

  • Automatic feeding device: It can arrange the products neatly, position them correctly, and improve production efficiency.
  • Sprinkling device: Sprinkle crispy foods such as peanuts or sesame seeds on the surface of the coated chocolate.
  • Latte device: Mount curves of different colors on the coated chocolate surface.

3.Maintenance Of Chocolate Enrober Machine

As the running time increases, the chocolate enrober machine will be affected by various factors such as corrosion and wear during use, and some common failures may occur. Therefore, repair and maintenance are necessary, and the user should maintain them regularly.

enrober machine
enrober machine

Before using the equipment, first, read the operation manual and precautions in detail, and understand the performance and operation methods of the equipment before proceeding.

Daily maintenance of the chocolate enrober machine can divide into cleaning, inspection, tightening, lubrication, adjustment, and check.

  1. Clean the residue inside and outside the equipment to avoid the breeding of bacteria. The cleaning water temperature is moderate, and do not use cleaning agents containing fluorescent agents.
  2. Regularly check all aspects of the equipment for abnormal noise, and find out the problem in advance.
  3. For the parts that need to be fastened, check and fasten them regularly.
  4. The parts of the equipment that need to be lubricated are regularly lubricated with oil or butter to avoid severe wear and reduce the service life of the equipment
  5. All parts of the equipment have been adjusted before leaving the factory. However, the fasteners may be loosened during transportation and handling, resulting in position changes. In addition, related parts need to be adjusted when replacing parts. Therefore, the machine should be inspected and adjusted before formal use.
  6. Measure and verify the operating conditions, work accuracy, wear or corrosion of the equipment, identify and eliminate the hidden dangers of the equipment in time, and make preparations before repairs purposefully to improve the quality of repairs and shorten the repair time.

It can be seen that doing an excellent job in the daily maintenance and maintenance of the chocolate enrober machine is very important. Only by doing daily maintenance work can we prolong the service life of the equipment and cause unnecessary losses.

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