What Machines Are Used To Make Chocolate? Training Manual From Chocolate Machine Maker(3)

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1 The Origin Of Chocolate “Refining.”

In 1879, Swiss Rudolphe Lindt invented the chocolate “refining” technology: using the machine capable of fine grinding (cocoa powder particles can ground to less than 20 microns), according to the requirements of the variety at different temperatures (for example, milk chocolate about 49 ℃, For dark chocolate (about 82℃), the chocolate slurry added with cocoa butter is continuously ground for several hours or even days. After refining, the quality of the chocolate formed by cooling has a new leap. The taste is smooth and delicate, and it melts in the mouth.

2 Chocolate Ball Mill

Chocolate ball mill can also be called ball mill for chocolate making.

The chocolate ball mill is ideal equipment for the high-efficiency grinding of chocolate slurry. The proper grinding treatment of chocolate slurry is grinding by two spindles with discs driving alloy steel balls to rotate. The fineness of the slurry after grinding is 20-25um. Thus, it can be used as a piece of independent refining equipment and can also be used in conjunction with a refiner to increase the output and shorten the refinement time. For example, the ball-milling time of 500Kg chocolate slurry is generally about 1 hour, and the average fineness can reach 20-25μm.

Chocolate ball mill
Chocolate ball mill

The change of GUSU ball mill to traditional refiner has the disadvantages of high energy consumption, low output, high noise, complex use, difficult cleaning, and other shortcomings, which significantly improves production efficiency and product quality.

3 Applicable Scenes Of Chocolate Ball Mill

Chocolate ball mill is suitable for grinding pure fat and fat substitute chocolate, filling and coating materials, milk fat materials, and nut butter materials. This kind of equipment can achieve a fineness of 20-22μm in a single grinding. It is necessary to know that chocolate with a class of 22μm and below can achieve a silky smooth mouthfeel that melts in the mouth.

GUSU chocolate ball mill adopts a sanitary design as a whole. Except for the grinding cavity, the parts in contact with the materials are stainless steel and lubricated with food-grade lubricating oil.

Chocolate ball mill detail
Chocolate ball mill detail

The company is very cautious in the selection of equipment and materials. However, after many tests, it can ensure that the output does not contain heavy metal components and meets the State Food and Drug Administration standards.

The stator, rotor, steel balls, and pin shafts in the grinding cavity are all hardened and are highly wear-resistant. In addition, the additional pressure compensation device and spare steel balls can maximize the service life and reduce maintenance.

The operation of the chocolate ball mill is simple. No engineers or experienced technicians are required. Once the system setting is completed, it can be operated with one button.

The control system of the equipment itself can accurately control the driving power. In addition, the independent temperature control system and the stator and rotor with interlayer can be set according to specific requirements to manage the material’s temperature effectively.

The pipes and buffer tanks have heat preservation functions and are equipped with safety switches to improve the fluidity of chocolate and other materials.

The chocolate material mainly changes physically during the grinding process. As the grinding progresses, the material is dispersed. The finer the material is distributed, the more its surface area will expand. The total surface contained in the total volume of a certain amount of material is called the specific surface. The larger the particular surface, the more the number of particles in the chocolate, and the smaller and more refined the particles. 

When the equipment is maintained at a specific temperature, the finer the grinding, the thicker the material, the viscosity will increase, and the fluidity will decrease.

Features of Chocolate Ball Mill:

  • Compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high output, small footprint;
  • Meet the production and process requirements of small and medium-sized chocolate candy factories;
  • High efficiency, the ball milling time of 500Kg chocolate slurry is generally about 1 hour;
  • The combination of high-strength power and grinding can ensure a high-quality grinding effect;
  • Equipped with a complete set of imported PLC automatic control, the equipment is easy to operate;
  • It can directly ground with sugar, and the refining effect can be achieved by cyclic grinding, and the taste is good;
  • The steel ball jumps in motion, with slight wear, shallow metal content, and good quality;

Technical Parameters Of Chocolate Ball Mill:

  • Maximum production capacity: 500Kg/h
  • Main motor power: 30kw
  • Electric heating power: 6kw (220VAC)
  • Maximum spindle speed: 516rpm (adjustable by frequency conversion)
  • Fine grinding fineness: 20-25μm
  • Dimensions: 2320×1070×2385mm
  • Cooling water: 2000kg/h
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