What Machines Are Used To Make Chocolate? Training Manual From Chocolate Machine Maker(2)

In the last article, What machines are used to make chocolate? Training manual from chocolate machine maker(1) introduced details such as standard chocolate machines and the advantages of fat melting kettle products. The protagonist of this article is the chocolate tempering machine.

Chocolate Tempering Machine

The tempering of chocolate is essentially tempering the cocoa butter. Thus, chocolate tempering is the process of forming a stable cocoa butter crystal structure when the cocoa butter melt is cooled.

The melting point of cocoa butter is close to the temperature of the human body. With 27°C as the node, cocoa butter becomes solid when it is below 27°C. When the temperature exceeds 27°C, it slowly melts as the temperature rises until 35°C; the cocoa butter will melt completely. Therefore, this is why cocoa butter can remain solid at room temperature and melt quickly when it enters the human mouth.

For every 5% increase in cocoa butter content in chocolate, the melting point of chocolate will decrease by 1°C. Therefore, chocolate tempering requires a professional chocolate tempering machine to control the temperature accurately.

Chocolate tempering machines can also call industrial chocolate tempering machines, continuous tempering machines, continuous chocolate tempering machines, chocolate tempering, and enrobing machines, tempering equipment, chocolate tempering tools, chocolate tempering equipment…

1. Equipment characteristics

  • DELTA control system, Siemens electronic components.
  • Touch screen, more languages can select.
  • Multiple control methods: automatic feeding, intermittent feeding, button, and pedal control feeding. (Adjustable chocolate flow rate)
  • The auger screw can rotate in different directions, which is very useful for cleaning and emptying the nozzle.
  • When you step on the pedal, the chocolate will pump up. When the pedal steps on, the chocolate in the drill will suck back to the holding area.
  • Preset temperature: for example, melting at 55°C, storing and eating at 38°C. After melting, the machine will automatically keep the temperature at 55°C. After completely melted, the heating system will stop working until the temperature drops to 38°C and maintains it.

2. Equipment usage

In the production process of chocolate from a liquid slurry to a solid candy, the liquid chocolate slurry subject to a continuous temperature adjustment function that strictly conforms to the chocolate crystallization process.

After the chocolate refines and refined, the slurry temperature is about 45°C. Due to the high temperature, no crystal form can form inside the chocolate.

At this time, the temperature can adjust through the chocolate tempering machine.

The temperature adjustment stage of the chocolate tempering machine divided into four temperature adjustment zones: the first temperature zone cools the high-temperature slurry to 31°C so that the grease produces crystal nuclei; the second temperature zone cools the 31°C slurries to 29°C, gradually Crystal formation produce; the slurry at 29°C cool to 27°C in the third-level temperature zone, and the proportion of crystal forms increases, and some of it becomes unstable and stable; the slurry at 27°C in the fourth-level temperature zone rises back to 29~31°C, The unstable crystal form below 29℃ melts, and the stable crystal form remains. (All temperatures are for reference only)

A highly complex process of crystallization, melting, and recrystallization occurred in the chocolate slurry in the tempering stage, and finally, the highest proportion of stable chocolate crystal form was obtained.

The finished candy products made in this way have the following remarkable features:

  1. The quality is very stable; the quality is dense;
  2. The color is bright and has a smooth appearance; the gloss is the same;
  3. Improve the texture of the finished chocolate and improve the brittleness of chocolate products;
  4. The entrance is crisp and crisp;
  5. It is conducive to the demoulding of the finished chocolate and the continuity of the production process.
  6. The finished product has a long shelf life.

Therefore, the tempering of chocolate plays an essential role in the production process of chocolate.

The chocolate tempering machine can strictly control the temperature required in each stage of the chocolate tempering process. The target temperature can set according to actual needs. The following temperature accuracy is higher. The accuracy of the chocolate slurry temperature control system at all levels can reach ±0.2℃ to ensure the finished chocolate. Hence, the smooth demoulding and the highest quality finished chocolate candies.

3. Technical parameters

  • Host power: 2.2kw
  • Ice water pump power: 0.75kw
  • Circulating water pump power: 0.36kw
  • Electric heating power: 4kw
  • Cooling power: 3HP
  • Water pressure: 2bar
  • Chocolate mass pressure: 2bar
  • Dimensions: 980*840*1520
  • Whole machine weight: 580Kg

Chocolate tempering machines can use in many places, such as cake manufacturers, snack food manufacturers or candy factories, etc.

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