Common Types And Uses Of Chocolate Machinery (1)

Today to the friends of chocolate manufacturers, introduce some of our Suzhou Gusu Food Processing Machinery Co., Ltd. some of the uses and characteristics of chocolate machinery; I hope to help you! Since our Suzhou Gusu Food Processing Machinery Co., Ltd. chocolate machinery products are rich, we first talk about chocolate storage tank, fat smelter, candy line, chocolate dip sugar coating machine these machines.

1.Chocolate Storage Tank:

Chocolate Storage Tank:
Chocolate Storage Tank:

The chocolate storage tank developed by the company is the first new style, the structure design of the chocolate storage tank is reasonable, has a lot of chocolate storage tank can not compare advantages, our company produced chocolate storage tank also increased rated temperature automatic circulation temperature control device, so that after grinding chocolate paste can be more attuned Chocolate process requirements, is a chocolate tank equipment to improve the quality of chocolate.This chocolate machine is worth owning。

2.The Chocolate Machine Of Fat Melter

Fat Melter
Fat Melter

fat melter are mainly used to melt solid cocoa butter into a liquid state. The fat melter is melting equipment before chocolate production, our company developed a new type of fat smelter, increase the circulation heat pipe device, is the leading equipment for the production of melted oil in chocolate production, can make fat melter efficiency three times, customers can choose matching grease according to the amount of grinding fat melter.

3. Candy Line

Candy Line
Candy Line

Candy line can produce chocolate-coated with various sugar cores advanced production equipment; candy line has automatic continuous production. As a result, the production volume is significantly increased, and the production process complexity of specific unique sugar cores is reduced. As a result, Suzhou Gusu Food Processing Machinery Co., Ltd. candy line production capacity, high efficiency, can be suitable for manufacturing all kinds of sugar core coated chocolate products.

The working principle is to complete the automatic operation of forming sugar rows by combining low-temperature roll pressing and cutting processes. The unit comprises a cryogenic cold liquid system, forming roller pressing device, nut spreading machine, cooling forming system, candy bar conveying device, finished product cutting device, etc.

The candy line is designed according to the principle and characteristics of the confectionery process, reliable system operation, sugar forming rules, wide production application, convenient operation and maintenance. Therefore, the utility model is one of the ideal confectionery line equipment for food enterprises’ modern, large-scale and intensive production of various sandwich candy bar snack foods.This chocolate machine is worth owning。

4.Chocolate Enrober Machine

Chocolate Enrober Machine
Chocolate Enrober Machine

The chocolate enrober machine are ideal for producing hard candy, hard sandwich candy. chocolate enrober machine

are characterized by closed cavity once pouring stamping forming, sugar mass shape standard, smooth surface, and large production capacity, no waste. The machine can produce various forms of candy, such as rectangular, spherical, flat, waist round, button, oval and various special-shaped. chocolate enrober machine with automatic PLC control vacuum film continuous boiling sugar automatic pouring moulding production line is currently more advanced hard candy production equipment. chocolate enrober machine, electricity, gas control in one, reasonable and compact structure, has a high degree of automation.

High production efficiency, can produce monochrome, double taste double colour, dual colour double layer, three flavours, three colour spray flower and crystal sugar, sandwich sugar, text sugar, etc. The candy produced by the chocolate enrober machine has the characteristics of crystal smooth, clear spray stripes, accurate and stable sandwich volume and position, good taste and so on. Meet the requirements of food GMP hygiene, so that food enterprises can easily pass food GMP, HACCP, QS and other professional certifications popular with customers of chocolate candy manufacturers. The machine also has the following features: PLC, more stable performance, automatic programming control of vacuum boiling sugar temperature, time, insulation temperature and pouring speed; LED touch screen display is easier to operate;

Production capacity of series products can be from 150 kg to 600 kg per hour; frequency control speed control sugar flow; dynamic mixer online to complete the essence, pigment, acid liquid quantitative filling and mixing; conveyor belt, cooling system, double demoulding mechanism to ensure demoulding; according to the different mould can produce various shapes of candy; Optional chocolate dosing system can make chocolate sandwich candy;The line can produce spherical, flat lollipops.This chocolate machine is worth owning。

The above is about the chocolate storage tank, fat melter, candy line, chocolate enrober machine if you are interested in our products, we welcome you to contact us!

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