Do I need to use a chocolate-making machine to produce hollow chocolate?

(1)Casting molding of chocolate making machine:

The centrifuge method is most suitable for producing a variety of hollow chocolates of different sizes, such as cats, puppies, etc. When the chocolate sauce is poured into one template, the other template is closed and then loaded on the chocolate bean forming machine to rotate it to produce a centrifugal effect. The chocolate sauce is evenly distributed from one template around the joined model, forming a hollow and then opening the mold to form hollow chocolate. Therefore, it is a kind of three-dimensional shell chocolate; the production of this chocolate must be completed by chocolate making machine, which has three different models of the single rotation axis, double rotation axis, or multiple rotation axes; the single axis is for small chocolate bean forming machine, each can be equipped with 4 sets of molds at the same time, 8 sets of molds for double axes, and 20 sets of molds for multi-axis. The mold is installed on the magnetic bracket, each of the small brackets has two magnets, and the large one has three magnets. Relying on the attraction of the magnet, it is tightly fixed on the bracket when rotating, without the need for clamps or other fastening devices. Each bracket shaft is mounted on a rotary drum, which is rotated by the rotary drum spindle belt motion planetary rotation. There are three different speeds, depending on the viscosity of the chocolate sauce, the viscosity is slow, the viscosity is high, and the speed is high. The rotation time depends on the size of the hollow model, the space temperature, and the mold material. Generally, the cooling rotation time of chocolate material is between 4 and 8 minutes. The rotary drum and frame of the chocolate bean forming machine are all steel. All the rotating parts run in rubber-sealed ball bearings, so the machine maintenance of the chocolate bean forming machine is almost unnecessary. The whole machine sits on two pieces of expanded rubber, so there is no noise, and no fixing is required when it is running. A vibration device can vibrate it during planetary rotation, and a ventilator is installed to cool the mold.

Chocolate Bean Roller Former

In addition to the chocolate bean forming machine, the hollow chocolate forming line also needs mold feeding devices, continuous pouring, cooling, punching, filling of sandwich material, sealing, and cooling demoulding.

When the chocolate bean forming machine template is poured chocolate paste, the template closing device is placed on the rotary machine; after centrifugal rotation for 4-8min stop, manually put the mold on the rubber plate on the worktable, input the cooling tunnel, remove the rubber plate after cooling, and when the template is transported to the core casting machine, to the middle of the template The hollow chocolate punch a hole. According to the mold size, the pouring machine can pour 18 to 24 cores at a time, and the liquid sandwich material is molded from a 50-liter container.
The material pipe is poured. The filling of solids is carried out from a pressure vessel, which is pressed into the piston of the pouring machine. Then enter the bottom of the sealer, pour chocolate paste, cover the orifice, and enter the cooling tunnel. After cooling and solidification, the template is opened and demoulded to form a bar of solid chocolate. If the core is not filled and cooled directly, it becomes a bar of hollow chocolate after opening the template and releasing the mold. Therefore, the hollow chocolate production line can produce both hollow chocolate and three-dimensional filled chocolate.

(2) Directly cast on steel strip or plastic belt:

chocolate packing nachine1

The chocolate paste is poured directly on the belt, called belt molding, which is cooled and solidified after being poured directly onto the belt. The delivery belt can be steel or plastic, and the steel belt is a standard low-carbon steel belt. This molding is particularly suitable for pouring chocolate cubes, slices, bars, buttons, or other shapes directly onto the tape without needing a template. The pouring machine can adapt to the requirements of different viscosity of chocolate sauce, and the speed of the tracking belt can be adjusted, conveying fast or slow according to the desired chocolate geometry; the belt is transported close to the pouring mouth during pouring, and then the suction function is adjusted according to the requirements, the pouring is very accurate and little waste. The pouring machine head is reciprocating. The pouring amount depends on the product requirements, such as the pouring amount of flakes from 0.045 to 4g per grain, chocolate after pouring, into the cooling tunnel on the steel belt, the top and bottom are cooled, entered from one end, the other end output, scraped off by the steel belt scraper to the conveyor belt and sent out. The total length of the production line depends on the output and the width of the belt. Generally, the total length is 27m, and the short is 16m. Direct pouring on steel strip forming production. Therefore, the direct steel strip forming line consists of four parts: chocolate making machine, chocolate pouring machine, product conveyor belt, and product cooling solidification tunnel. The product is poured onto the steel strip by a chocolate pouring machine and transported into the cooling tunnel for cooling and solidification. The cooling tunnel is divided into three zones with different temperatures, each according to product characteristics, production frequency, and belt speed.

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