Introduction To The Functions of High-Quality Chocolate Refiner

Chocolate can be said to be a magical existence unique aroma, and now many other additions have formed a considerable number of flavors. Even dark chocolate has many different standards, 90%, 75%, 45%, and many milk chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, etc. The variety of chocolate not only satisfies our appetite, but according to scientific research, after taking chocolate, everyone can feel calm and enjoy it to a large extent. Because of this, chocolate has become one of the more popular products than candy. If you want to make high-quality chocolate, you need a complicated process. Among them, the High-Quality Chocolate Refiner is one of the links used, which is fine grinding.


Introduction of High-Quality Chocolate Refiner

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  1. Where to use High-Quality Chocolate Refiner

Chocolate wasn’t what we saw initially, nor did it melt in the mouth, but it was a kind of cocoa bean. It takes a long process, and when it blooms, the seeds inside are our cocoa beans. It is also not appropriate to use cocoa beans to refine directly. Cocoa beans need to be fermented, dried and peeled before they are pure cocoa beans. At this point, you need to throw the cocoa beans directly into the High-Quality Chocolate Refiner for grinding.

  1. How long is the High-Quality Chocolate Refiner used

When we talk about milling, there are many different time distinctions. The grinding time of other products is also extra. The main thing is to check the effect of grinding. For example, the fine grinding time of ordinary daily chemical raw material particles will not be very long because the actual product fineness does not need to be high. However, in the case of chocolate cocoa beans, because they require an excellent grinding effect, it often takes 7-9 hours, and the minimum is 20μm. Because the next step of grinding is to enter the oil melting pot, if the fineness of the front is not enough, it will affect the effect of melting oil. Today’s High-Quality Chocolate Refiner time has been dramatically shortened, and if it were before, the process often took a whole day or longer.


The role and characteristics of High-Quality Chocolate Refiner

  1. The role of High-Quality Chocolate Refiner

People often think that High-Quality Chocolate Refiner is only for chocolate, but that’s not the case. Nowadays, many devices can be used to grind any soybean flour, oil, and liquid. Its role is still relatively simple. Of course, now that we have adopted a high-quality mill, the effect is that we can significantly improve our grinding efficiency and obtain better quality products.

  1. Features of High-Quality Chocolate Refiner

For example, the most popular on the market now is the 20L experimental High-Quality Chocolate Refiner device. The equipment consumes very little electricity and can significantly reduce the wear and tear on the pot wall during chocolate grinding. Not only that, but now many refiners combine the work of the back part of chocolate, for example, directly combining the effects of fine grinding and melting oil. We call melting oil means turning cocoa beans into powder, turning cocoa beans into cocoa pulp by refining the internal oils and fats, and finally forming a new chocolate pulp through various flavors.


Development of High-Quality Chocolate Refiner

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  1. Higher technology in materials

The ingredients of the High-Quality Chocolate Refiner have undergone a complete change. There were more materials such as iron, steel, or plastic in the past. Many private workshops still use fine grinding machines for these materials. These devices may have been around for a long time and have unique tastes. Therefore, many niche chocolate lovers still choose this type of equipment for processing. But more manufacturers will use stainless steel or carbon steel because, in comparison, the cost is lower, the reuse rate is higher, and the equipment loses less.

  1. High-Quality Chocolate Refiner is more diverse

Making chocolate requires a series of steps. Chocolate was so precious in the past because there were many steps, and it took a lot of workforces and material resources. But now, with the development of technology, many high-quality chocolate refiners have many functions at the same time, suitable for operation with many different products. And it is ideal for more products to be used by separate speed control and temperature control. One device can be used with multiple products simultaneously, which reduces the cost of the equipment at the source.


I remember someone saying that chocolate is a product that brings happiness to people. Because of its high-fat content, many mountaineering or hiking enthusiasts carry plenty of chocolate to get hungry when traveling. Even some people who need to go to colder regions use chocolate because the high sugar content allows them to gain calories quickly. If you want to make more high-quality chocolate, you need our High-Quality Chocolate Refiner to make the chocolate process more refined and better product quality!

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