2022 Confectionery Industry: How important is the choice of candy bar machine?

Criteria for selecting candy bar machine

During the engineering construction of a candy processing plant, selecting a candy bar machine is an important indicator of the technical content of the proposed candy manufacturing plant. Formulating advanced, applicable, and reasonable equipment selection methods is important in constructing confectionery processing plants. There is no uniform equipment selection standard in the candy processing industry. The candy bar machine selection method is generally used by reference design. Defects such as poor selection of candy bar machines and unmatched ones often occur, which seriously constrain the development level of some candy processing plants. Therefore, based on extensive research and drawing on advanced experiences at home and abroad, Gusu Food Processing Machinery Suzhou Co., Ltd., put forward the basic requirements for selecting confectionery machinery and equipment.


 The purpose of candy processing and the selection characteristics of candy bar machine

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Purpose of candy processing: maintain the original quality characteristics of candy, improve and improve the quality characteristics of candy, change the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of candy, meet different needs of people, improve the utilization value and economic value of candy, develop and produce new products and realize value addition through candy processing or deep processing.


Candy bar machine selection features

The working parts and technical parameters of the candy bar machine should be adapted to the biological characteristics of the processed products and meet the processing requirements of the final product; strictly control the damage and quality of the raw materials and the final product caused by the processing process; the processing equipment of the final product is candy or candy raw materials, and the candy bar machine or other materials should be prevented from polluting the final product. To ensure that the final product meets the hygiene requirements of confectionery; to avoid pollution of the environment by the discharge during the candy processing process, the polluted discharge should be equipped with treatment equipment to make it meet the discharge requirements; for candy containing a variety of nutrients, consideration should be given to reducing the nutritional loss of candy bar machine equipment; attention should be paid to the comprehensive development of scraps, making full use of resources, and improving economic benefits.


The main basis of candy bar machine

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Meet the requirements of relevant confectionery industry policies and standards: give priority to the selection and use of the latest technology candy bar machine equipment, focusing on the selection and use of equipment with moderate scale, high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption, safety and health, less environmental pollution, high resource utilization efficiency, no backward production methods, poor product quality, serious environmental pollution, raw materials and energy Candy bar machine with high consumption, advanced and mature technology has been replaced, and production safety is seriously endangered; try to choose and adopt candy bar machine with advanced standards, first focus on selecting candy bar machine with international standards, foreign advanced standards and equivalent international standards, and secondly, industry standards and enterprise standards The design, manufacturing, installation, inspection and other technical conditions of candy bar machine should be bound by the existing basic standards, method standards and safety standards, so as to facilitate the effective performance and product quality of the candy bar machine. To meet the requirements of the process and technical scheme of the confectionery processing project, the production capacity or service capacity is mainly considered, and the adaptability and matching of the production scale of the project must be met.


 Basic principles of candy bar machine

1. Advanced technology:

The equipment has advanced performance. It has a high performance-cost ratio, perfect function, low operation and maintenance cost, low consumption and energy consumption per unit product, high processing degree and processing capacity, stable equipment operation, low investment and product cost, high production capacity and labour productivity, the long service life of candy bar machine, etc.; the advanced technology level has high technical content, which is conducive to promoting technological progress and improving competitiveness, The candy bar machine has good structural design, excellent manufacturing, high degree of continuity, mechanization and automation, and high safety and hygiene requirements.


2. Strong applicability:

The candy bar machine can adapt to the candy processing market changes. Adapting to changes in local natural, economic and social conditions, the same production line hopes to be multi-level deep processing, capable of production regulation, broad development prospects, conducive to the development of domestic and foreign markets; matching the characteristics of inputs, considering resource supply, adapting to the processing requirements of raw materials and other auxiliary materials; Process technical requirements should be matched with the production capacity of the project, the main equipment and auxiliary equipment are compatible with each other; meet the process requirements, ensure output and quality; adapt to the construction scale and product scheme, meet the use requirements and maintenance requirements under the prior technical conditions; adapt to safety and environmental protection, ensure safe production and minimize “three wastes” emissions; according to the principle of ergonomics, consider equipment to the environment and operation The impact of people.


3. High reliability:

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The candy bar machine has a high degree of maturity. Using equipment that has been fully validated and used, equipment that has been converted to production without testing cannot be risked, new equipment that has not been produced without production practices or legacy technical problems cannot be blindly adopted; production stability is high,
The equipment configuration should be balanced and reasonable, considering the comprehensive economy of the configuration of the whole confectionery production line, requiring compact, balanced and coordinated equipment configuration and connection to improve labour productivity; improve the technical and economic value, carry out a repeated comparison of technical and economic schemes, analyze the technical and economic benefits of each scheme, and select the candy bar machine selection scheme with small investment, low cost, high profit and good economy.


4. Depth of equipment selection:


Extensively carry out market research and collect information of candy bar machine, investigate all relevant manufacturers of candy processing equipment, collect information on related equipment through multiple channels and multiple ways; at the same time, investigate and visit equipment users to understand the use of the proposed equipment, and focus on the evaluation of candy bar machine by different users. Propose the scheme details of candy bar machine selection, based on collecting sufficient equipment information and user visits, propose the proposed equipment details. The details mainly include the equipment name, specification model, production capacity, supporting power, equipment quantity, equipment price and manufacturer of candy bar machine; select equipment supply methods, including equipment manufacturing Cycles, payment methods, equipment inspection methods, packaging and transportation methods, etc. If oversized, overweight and ultra-high equipment is selected, corresponding transportation measures and technical installation measures should be proposed when selecting candy bar machine; if the original candy bar machine is used and modified, the transformation plan should be proposed, and the technical and economic effect of the transformation should be analyzed; the equipment selection recommendation scheme should be determined, the proposed equipment is selected after multi-factor comparison, Suggest a candy bar machine selection recommendation plan, and confirm it after verification by experts and other methods.

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