The Cereal Bar Market Is Highly Competitive. How Should Manufacturers Innovate?

There are two reasons why oatmeal chocolate is so popular, one is that consumers think it tastes good, and the other is that consumers believe it can add more healthy grains to their diet. With changes in consumption concepts, cereal bars are becoming more and more popular with millennials.

1 What are cereal bars?

Cereal bars (Cereals bar) are flake and bar products made of oats, rice, corn, and other grains as the primary raw materials and bonded with high-viscosity syrup, in addition to the main raw material grains, nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, Candies, chocolate, and other auxiliary materials.

Cereal bars have a long history of development abroad. They are crispy and easy to carry and are favored by many consumers.

2 What is the production process of cereal bars?

The production of cereal bars has been fully automated and intelligent. The Cereal Bar Moulding Line is generally composed of sugar boiling equipment, mixers, feeders, auxiliary materials, beating machines, spreaders, cooling flow pumps, automatic cutting machines, chocolate coating production lines, packaging machines and other machines.

chocolate cereal bar moulding line2.jpg
chocolate cereal bar moulding line2.jpg

The whole production line adopts frequency conversion speed synchronization, PLC controls the cutting block’s length, the roller is flattened, and the microcomputer controls the moulding temperature. The moulding is square, the cutting length is accurate, and the product weight is consistent.

3 What products are available in the current market? What are the characteristics?

There are many cereal bars on the market, such as Natural Valley granola bars, Golego cereal chocolate bars, and Decathlon salty cereal bars.


  1. Abundant raw materials: In addition to grains, some products will also add eggs, dried fruits, nuts, seaweed, etc.;
  2. High energy and fat content: Cereal bar products contain oils, and grains have high carbohydrate content, so the final energy value of cereal bars is also very high.
  3. The sports industry begins to enter the cereal bar market: As a giant in the sports industry, Decathlon combines cereal bars with sports to develop the cereal bar market.

4 How do cereal bar manufacturers innovate?

Cereal bars have a large consumer market. With the change of consumption concept, more and more consumers pay attention to cereal bars’ taste and convenience. Whether they are healthy is also one of the crucial indicators for consumers to buy.

Due to the limitation of processing technology, cereal bars need to be glued with high-viscosity syrup. In the ingredient list of products, we will often see glucose syrup or maltose syrup. Also, the fat content in cereal bars is generally high. 20~25g/100g, so the energy of cereal bars is correspondingly high.

Therefore, low-fat, low-sugar, and low-calorie cereal bar products meet market demand. Besides, the development trend of cereal bar products can also refer to the following aspects:

1. Increase fiber content

Fiber, especially dietary fiber, has many benefits to the human body. It can lower blood cholesterol content, control blood sugar, promote gastrointestinal motility, and maintain weight.

2. Increase antioxidant ingredients

More and more businesses will add antioxidant ingredients to their products. For example, Kellogg’s adds various fruits to its breakfast cereals. Antioxidants or fruits can provide antioxidant ingredients.

3. Period positioning

More people are willing to eat cereal bars for breakfast, and the number of people eating cereal bars for lunch and dinner has dropped significantly.

4. No genetically modified ingredients

More and more people are beginning to realize what kind of raw materials these cereal bars are made of.

When mass-producing cereal bars, it is also essential to choose the right machinery.

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