Production Process Of Compressed Biscuits And Cereal Bar Machine

1. Overview Of Compressed Biscuits And Ccereal bar machine


With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the types of biscuits are becoming more and more diversified. Among them, compressed biscuits, a convenience food, has evolved from a military food used to alleviate hunger to the direction of pleasant taste and flavor, balanced nutrition, and adaptability to eating in special environments.

In addition, compressed biscuits have often appeared in shopping malls, supermarkets, and online shopping platforms for sale in recent years. Consumers are mainly concentrated in office workers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Compressed biscuits can also provide people with corresponding nutrients.

With the expansion of the compressed biscuits market, Gusu Machinery has been committed to the research of thecereal bar machine and the Cereal bar line, and is committed to producing high-performancecereal bar machine and Cereal bar line for manufacturers of compressed biscuits.

Thecereal bar machine developed by Gusu Machinery adopts electric programming control, easy to operate, and uses pneumatic and hydraulic power as the power, and is equipped with photoelectric tracking.

The outer shell of thecereal bar machine is made of stainless steel, and the product is of high quality. It is a very idealcereal bar machine.

In addition, biscuit manufacturers can purchase acereal bar machine to further recycle the broken biscuits during biscuit production, and can continue to make compressed biscuits, which not only reduces waste, but also increases profit margins.

2. Specific Performance Characteristics Of The Cereal Bar Machine

Cereal Bar Machine

Cereal Bar Machine
  •  It has the functions of automatic constant temperature, automatic baking, automatic conveying, automatic fuel injection, automatic cooling, etc.
  • The thickness of the biscuits can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the mechanical transportation can be steplessly adjusted. It can be fast or slow, and has advanced functions such as automatic power-off and alarm for leakage.
  •  Through the dual-purpose machine head, it can produce tough biscuits, Inner Mongolia compressed biscuit machine, and can produce crisp biscuits, choose whatever you want.
  •  The mechanical structure of thecereal bar machine, hydraulic system, electric drive and electronic control are composed of several parts, equipped with stainless steel hopper, feeding track and so on. Thecereal bar machine is unmanned and automatic operation except for loading. Multiple equipments are connected by a conveyor line to form a unit for automatic operation.

3. Are Compressed Biscuits Nutritious?

The compressed biscuits produced by thecereal bar machine are mainly composed of miscellaneous grains. In addition to having the same nutritional value as fine grains, miscellaneous grains also have a variety of functions for curing and preventing diseases.

For example: Compared with rice, the nutrient content of millet is higher than that of rice. The content of protein, fat and vitamins is higher than that of rice. It is also rich in niacin and carotene. Corn contains more linoleic acid, multiple vitamins, cellulose and A variety of minerals, especially rich in magnesium and selenium, are positively correlated with comprehensive health care.

Compressed biscuits can not only provide consumers with a new type of healthy food, but also improve the comprehensive utilization value of grains and increase the economic benefits of grain processing enterprises. Let me share with you how to make compressed biscuits!

4. Materials And Equipment

(1). Material

Wheat, corn, millet, sorghum, oats, soybeans, soft white sugar, salt, milk powder, palm oil are commercially available premium grades; BHA, baking soda, and ammonium bicarbonate are commercially available food-grade food additives.

(2). Equipment

Electronic balance; electric oven;cereal bar machine, mixer, vacuum packaging machine of Gusu Machinery.

5. Production Principle

The raw materials are crushed, mixed, shaped by acereal bar machine, baked into crisp biscuits and then compressed.

6. Production process

Production process
Production process

Cereal bar machine performs raw material pretreatment-dough adjustment-roll forming-baking-cold. But-broken-into the mold-compression molding-packaging.。

(1).Precautions for raw material pretreatment:

Choose fresh, high-quality raw materials. Crush corn, millet, sorghum, oats, and soybeans for later use.

(2).Matters needing attention when adjusting the dough.

Add the raw materials to the mixing tank according to the requirements of the formula, first add palm oil, melt, add sugar, salt, loosening agent, stir, then add water, stir evenly into an emulsion, and finally add the grain powder and milk powder to the mixing tank, and the temperature is at 15~20℃ is suitable. Stir it evenly, it is better to knead it into a dough and loosen it.

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