Will Chocolate Disappear After 30 Years? What Are The Implications For The Food Machinery Industry?

There have been rumors that chocolate may become extinct in 30 years. For people, this is undoubtedly a piece of explosive lousy news. There must be a reason for the rise and fall of a thing. What enlightenment can the predictive decline of chocolate give to the food machinery industry?

Don’t Ignore The Correlation Between Industries.

As a type of food that is bundled with Valentine’s Day, chocolate has seen a significant increase in sales on Valentine’s Day and has been popular for many years. People also expanded the object of giving this gift from lovers to larger social circles such as family, friends, and colleagues.

The chocolate itself has also been continuously improved in terms of taste and appearance, with the introduction of 3D printed chocolate, hand-made chocolate, and high-end chocolate to promote sales. The prediction of this extinction is aimed at the raw material of chocolate-cocoa beans. This chocolate’s primary raw material is becoming increasingly difficult to survive in today’s increasingly warmer climate.

from chocolate enrober
from chocolate enrober

From the chocolate case, it is not difficult to see that any industry’s upstream and downstream is a whole. The production of upstream raw materials is also related to downstream products. It is understood that the current production and manufacturing of stainless steel for the food industry are still relatively backward, and low output and high cost are common phenomena.

Therefore, some food machinery companies reduce prices and use stainless steel products as food contact materials. There is no strict standard for these materials’ metal content, and it is easy to contaminate food during contact with food. Related companies also need to strictly control the procurement of raw materials and refrain from greed for temporary cost reductions and ultimately lose the market.

Speed Up Scientific Research And Development To Eliminate Backward Productivity

For cocoa beans, changes in the ecological environment are not the only reason for their possible disappearance. In the centuries-long development of chocolate, chocolate’s shape has been continuously changing, but planting cocoa trees have not been updated. People are still using planting methods hundreds of years ago. The backward productivity makes the cocoa trees, and production has declined year after year.

cocoa beans
cocoa beans

It is the consensus of most people in society that products that lack innovative forms will eventually be eliminated by society. From the current point of view, intelligence is an irrefutable trend in the food machinery industry. The promotion of equipment intelligence has become a trick for many enterprises to transform and upgrade.

For example, in tea production, traditional tea stir-frying machines and twisting machines still need workers to adjust and change parameters in real-time to avoid the phenomenon of spoiling tea. The intelligent production line developed by a tea company in Hunan has reduced the number of personnel required for production by half and greatly improved the production capacity of tea through the use of a precisely adjusted temperature and humidity system and robotic arms.

Also, robotic arms’ use to assemble smart food machinery and equipment has become a decisive weapon for some companies. Compared with manual labor, intelligent production methods have improved production efficiency, product quality control, and accuracy.

Avoid Too Much Geographic Concentration And Strong Dependence.

The single supplier also makes the chocolate market more vulnerable. It is understood that 60% of the current global cocoa comes from Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana. Once these two regions are affected by the natural environment, planting methods, etc., resulting in a decline in production, it will inevitably affect the global chocolate production.

Chocolate Moulding Line
Chocolate Moulding Line

Although production is not blocked for food machinery due to excessive concentration of raw materials, relying on a single market may severely damage the enterprise. It is not difficult to search for chocolate machinery on the food machinery and equipment trading platform at will. After entering a piece of equipment, there will often be multiple companies with the same type of products. These products are very similar in appearance and function, which will cause some confusion to consumers. , Disrupt the market order. To avoid this phenomenon, one can speed up the innovation and development of equipment, and the other is to try to expand the food machinery market.

As a member of the food machinery, the chocolate industry’s decline during its prosperity makes people have to rethink. Food machinery companies still need to learn lessons from it to promote the continued prosperity of the industry.

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