How to wash a chocolate storage tank and how to use it is accurate?

As one of humanity’s favorite snacks, chocolate has a history of more than 500 years. From cocoa beans to a beautiful piece of chocolate in our hands, we need to go through a lot of different equipment and processes. In traditional chocolate making, a batch of chocolate can be made for up to two weeks, which does not include fermentation and drying time. Also, since there was no manufacturing factory as large as it is now, it could only be a small workshop operation. The tool was single, the time was long, and the number was small. It became a scarce product, and only aristocrats could afford it. But now with the development of tools and equipment, chocolate can not only speed up the production pace and time, but also improve the quality of chocolate, and add a variety of chocolate flavors, bringing us more benefits. Chocolate insulation tanks are an indispensable part of the entire chocolate making process, and because they need to be kept warm for a long time, how to wash and use chocolate insulation tanks need to be strictly in accordance with the standards of use.

The role of chocolate storage tank

1.Chocolate insulation tank is used for storage

The chocolate insulation tank is mainly after the chocolate is finely ground, and the chocolate syrup will slowly be formed due to the internal oil secretion. This syrup needs to be stored in the insulation tank for a period of time. In this process, the temperature needs to be fixed between 70-80 degrees, the purpose is to make the pulp last and can be smoothly put into the next work.

2.Preservation of fats and oils

Chocolate Storage Tank

Of course, the insulation cylinder is not only used as insulation, but also has the effect of preventing the separation of slurry oil and fat. Because liquids that have stagnated for a long time are often layered internally due to different densities, the chocolate pulp and the internal oil itself have different densities. If there is no way to help preserve the grease, the temperature along the insulation wall will be too high, causing the slurry part to burn directly. In this way, there will be some problems with how to wash the chocolate storage tank in the later stages.

3.Cleaning skills

If it’s purely because of storage, it’s actually not very difficult to wash the chocolate insulation tank; you only need to rinse it with a high-pressure water gun. But the key point is that the chocolate paste needs to be completely mixed with the oil and fat, otherwise it will not have that smooth taste. Under this premise, the high-pressure water gun can scrub the slurry, but it cannot wash the oil, and at the same time, it also needs to be wiped with a towel.

How to wash a chocolate storage tank tank is easy

1.Continuous heat preservation and cleaning is more convenient

As long as the chocolate insulation tank can keep the temperature constant for a long time, guaranteed to be around 40 degrees, so that the slurry and grease can be fully mixed together, the problem of rinsing can be easily solved. This is a simple rinse. Generally, grease will not adhere to the wall, and it will not pollute or affect the next time you make chocolate paste. Greatly reduces the difficulty of how to wash a chocolate warmer.

2.New technology makes it easier to wash chocolate storage tank

Many chocolate factories now use chocolate warmers that are easy to clean. The high-pressure water cleaning inlet pipe is directly connected to the high-pressure water supply pipe, and then the water can be directly flushed up from the outlet of each water pipe and the lower end of the stirring shaft. This allows the inner wall of the cylinder to be flushed. If you use a stirring shaft, you can achieve all-round cleaning. Since there are check valves at the outlet of the water pipe and the lower end of the stirring shaft, the chocolate slurry will not enter the water flow channel when the high-pressure water flushes out. 27 Through the sputtering of high-pressure water, there are many parts that can be washed: the surface of the stirring shaft, the surface of the water pipe, the surface of the stirring paddle, and the surface of the check valve. This technology makes it easier to wash chocolate storage tanks and takes less time.

How to wash chocolate storage tank is a daily routine

1.Daily maintenance

In fact, many people think that chocolate is about the same anyway, and because there is oil inside, it can be made in several batches together, so it seems that chocolate storage tank can’t be washed all the time. Actually, there is a misunderstanding here. Because there are actually so many differences in chocolate until now, cocoa from different regions and different production times will cause chocolate to have a different flavor. Therefore, every batch of chocolate needs to be cleaned at least once before or after it is made. Therefore, how to wash a chocolate warmer is indispensable as part of daily maintenance.

2.Other precautions

So is the chocolate storage tank only item for daily maintenance is how to wash the chocolate insulation tank? That’s not the case either. Before use, the insulation cylinder needs to be idle for a period of time to ensure normal operation, stable voltage, and appropriate temperature, and then put into formal operation. After the operation is complete, all the related flanges, switches, electronic screens, etc. need to be checked for damage or loosening of the nut, and then the external power supply wire also needs to be checked for final confirmation.

Chocolate brings us too many different flavors and gives us more joy, so chocolate will only develop faster and faster, so we will develop more and more new equipment. Not only do we need to do a good job of how to wash the chocolate storage tank  to be effective, but we also need to develop and update all the equipment and reform, so that our chocolate market can always be competitive!





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