How chocolate conche machine work to let you know the chocolate refining process

Probably most people know that chocolate is made of cocoa beans, but exactly how to refine a bean product into a viscous object like chocolate? In fact, there are many processes and processes that need to be used in this middle, and the main thing is that we need to use some refining equipment to complete it. Through multiple refining procedures, we can make the chocolate we currently like to eat. Today, let’s take a look at how chocolate conche machinework, let’s take a look at the refining process of chocolate.

Introduction to how chocolate conche machine work


You need to know that many excipients are needed in the process of making chocolate, such as cocoa butter, sugar, and milk powder. After mixing these ingredients evenly, you can make chocolate sauce that people love. In the process of producing chocolate paste, it is necessary to use a mixer to mix the ingredients evenly according to the recipe, so that the refiner can operate normally. This is also the first part of the How chocolate conche machine work.

2.Fine grinding

In the chocolate production process, through fine grinding, every part of the chocolate can be very delicate, so that the taste will be better when eaten, and the mixed chocolate paste is conveyed to the feeding port of a fine mill through a conveyor, and the material is finely polished by the fine grinder, so that the chocolate can become more fluidity and meet the demand for chocolate in the production process.


After passing the above two processes, the chocolate began to be refined, and refining is simply to further improve the chocolate material. During the refining process, the texture and aroma of chocolate can be maximized due to changes in physical and chemical properties. It not only promotes the color change of chocolate, but also improves the taste of chocolate. The chocolate color after refining is quite bright.

Introduction to the refining process


1.Refining time

In the how chocolate conche machine work, if traditional refining methods are used, the refining time of chocolate materials is relatively long. In this case, the use situation will be affected, so the time of modern refiners in the refining process can be shortened to 24 to 48 hours, and the material can also be effectively sterilized. It also maintains the quality of chocolate. Therefore, the current refining process has been greatly improved in terms of time.

2.Refining temperature

Generally speaking, the temperature of the chocolate refiner can be controlled during the refining process. When the temperature is below 55°C, it is called cold refining, and when it reaches 80°C, it is called hot refining, and the chocolate made at different temperatures will also have certain differences. Generally speaking, milk chocolate is cold refined, while dark chocolate is hot refined, so that the refined chocolate has a unique aroma and taste.

3.Refining method

Judging from the refining method in how chocolate conche machine work, it is also divided into liquid refining and dry liquid refining, and liquid refining, during the refining process, can keep chocolate in a liquefied state at all times, but due to the continuous improvement of refining methods, this method is basically rarely used to take a look. Dry and liquid refining, because it can be guaranteed to a greater extent Chocolate is more popular with modern people because of its fineness and taste.

How to buy a chocolate refiner

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1.Know the manufacturer

When you buy a chocolate refiner, be sure to understand the manufacturer’s business situation. For example, the manufacturer’s operating period. Generally speaking, manufacturers that have been in business for a long time are also excellent in terms of production technology, which can ensure the reliability of the machine, and also give people more peace of mind during use.

2.Learn about word of mouth

By understanding the manufacturer’s reputation, you can clearly know exactly how the manufacturer is, a manufacturer with a good reputation, and the equipment it produces is also relatively reliable, and the word-of-mouth can be understood by searching or consulting friends around you. Only manufacturers with a good reputation can people buy with more confidence.

3.Understanding quality

The quality affects the service life, so when buying, you need to know not only how chocolate conche machine work, but also the quality of the equipment. A product of good quality does not avoid any failures during use, so that it will not affect production, improve production efficiency, and can also be used with more peace of mind, so the equipment is directly You also need to pay a lot of attention when purchasing.


The above is an introduction to how chocolate conche machine work. The chocolate refiner, which is a combination of multiple accessories, can give full play to the taste of chocolate during use, chocolate with a unique taste can also be favored by more consumers, and the refined chocolate can be better used in various foods, increasing The taste of the food, the sweet and delicious chocolate also brings more enjoyment to people’s taste buds.

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