Gusu Machinery’s Energy Bar Machine

With the rapid development of the global economy, people’s economic income and quality of life have improved. The increasing attention to health care awareness has prompted a wave of “exercise” at home and abroad. People actively participate in various sports in their daily life, to achieve the purpose of physical fitness.

However, people lose their physical strength quickly in the process of exercise, so most of them supplement their physical power with sports nutrition food, and an energy bar is one of them. At the same time, Gusu Machinery followed the market boom, invested a lot of money and technology to study Energy Bar machines, committed to making the best Energy Bar machine and Energy Bar line, To help more enterprises at home and abroad to achieve high efficiency and low cost of energy bar output.

Gusu Machinery's Energy Bar machine
Gusu Machinery’s Energy Bar machine

1. The Energy Bar:

Let’s start by introducing you to energy bars. As the name suggests, an energy bar is a kind of energy-boosting bar food. Also known as energy sports nutrition food, it is usually made up of grains and other high-energy foods.

Of course, the kinds of raw materials of Energy bars are vibrant. Gusu Machinery’s Energy Bar Machine can bring people the nutritional elements needed in daily life and provide people with the most nutritious and delicious taste to meet people’s desire for food.

Energy bars can also help people achieve their long-term weight management goals. When people feel hungry, they can eat an energy bar to quench hunger pangs.

2. Advantages Of Energy Bars:

(1). It tastes lovely and provides people with convenient and delicious snack choices.

(2) Fiber components in the product can relieve hunger and hunger low calorie, a strong feeling of satiety.

(3). It’s made with nutritious, familiar, and delicious ingredients, plus apple cider vinegar powder.

(4) Products are produced by a professional machine: Energy Bar Machine, without artificial colors and flavor agents.

3. Precautions For Energy Bars:

(1). When buying energy bars, learn to read the list of nutrition ingredients and food ingredients, such as carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, etc. The order of elements is usually arranged according to the number of ingredients contained in food. Also, please pay attention to the freshness of the food and check the date it was produced.

(2). Although energy bars are rich in nutrition, it must be noted that they cannot replace regular meals for long. This is because energy bars don’t give you all the nutrients you need; Long-term consumption also has specific damage to the intestines and stomach, so we cannot wholly rely on energy bars to replace meals.

4. What Is The Equipment For Making Energy Bars?

Energy bars are a very healthy meal replacement snack. They’re low in calories, too, and can help reduce hunger and puffed food cravings. Energy Bar Machine carefully prepares energy bars. Energy Bar Machine can produce various types of energy bars, such as peanut flavor Energy bars, chocolate Energy bars, etc.

5. Process Flow Of Energy Bar Machine:

Process Flow Of Energy Bar Machine
Process Flow Of Energy Bar Machine

Raw material mixing – extrusion and puffing – cooling – pressing – drying – high-temperature treatment – spraying – drying – cooling – the packaging.

6. Working Principle Of Energy Bar Machine:

The working principle of the Energy Bar machine is used for pressing and processing flour and other raw materials by pressing roller. A unique mechanism is adopted to cut into different shapes and puffed after frying. After frying, seasoning and drying are made into delicious leisure food.

7. Characteristics Of Energy Bar Machine:

Characteristics Of Energy Bar Machine
、Characteristics Of Energy Bar Machine

(1). Gusu Machinery’s Energy Bar machine is designed for granular and powder products with active cooling functions.

(2). Gusu Machinery’s Energy Bar machine is equipped with a plurality of leveling structure, pressing smooth, uniform thickness.

(3). Gusu Machinery’s Energy Bar machine mixing, feeding, laying, leveling, cooling, cutting, coating, drawing, cooling, packaging automation continuous production.

(4). Gusu Machinery’s Energy Bar machine forming specifications can be adjusted to meet the production needs of different specifications of products.

(5).Gusu Machinery’s Energy Bar Machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic cutting, packaging, time-saving, labor-saving, economical, and convenience.

8. Summary Of Energy Bar Machine.

Summary  Of Energy Bar Machine
Summary Of Energy Bar Machine

Suzhou Gusu Food Machinery Co., LTD., formerly known as Suzhou Gusu Food Machinery General Factory, was founded in 1969, specialized in producing Energy Bar machines and complete sets of candy equipment.

Gusu Machinery’s Energy Bar machine is reasonably designed and simple to operate. Energy Bar Machine is independently developed by Gusu Machinery staff. The shape of the product can be three-dimensional. Energy Bar Machine can produce a lot of beautiful forms and high-grade products. The products produced by Energy Bar Machine are crispy and nutritious. If you want to reduce the investment cost and obtain higher profits, you can choose the Energy Bar Machine provided by our company.

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