Influencing Factors And Conclusions Of Fudge Chocolate Coating Machine

1. The Influence Of The Temperature Of The Chocolate Coating Machine On The Quality Of Soft Candy Chocolate Coating Products

After the chocolate machine makes the chocolate slurry, the coating temperature of the chocolate coating machine needs to be adjusted for coating. Different chocolate types have additional requirements for coating temperature, so the chocolate coating machine must be strictly controlled.

For example, cocoa butter substitute chocolate, common lauric acid type and non-lauric acid type oil, the crystal form are relatively single, general lauric acid type oil is β’crystal form; non-lauric acid is β crystal form.

 Chocolate Coating Machine
Chocolate Coating Machine

But now, there are many new types of cocoa butter substitutes, which are made from palm oil and palm kernel oil through a transesterification process. Therefore, due to the different types of cocoa butter and other objects to be coated, it is also necessary to select the appropriate coating temperature of the chocolate coating machine.

According to the characteristics of fudge and chocolate, four coating temperature tests were selected: 34℃, 36℃, 38℃, 40℃. Other process conditions remained unchanged. The chocolate coating machine was used to compare the fudge and chocolate coating products.

2 The Influence Of Coating Thickness On The Quality Of Fudge Chocolate Coating Products

Coating thickness of chocolate coating machine
Chocolate Conche JMJ500

The coating thickness of a chocolate coating machine mainly refers to the chocolate coating on the outside of the body. The thickness of the layer is very critical. It is not only related to whether the soft candies can be evenly wrapped, but also to avoid cavities and cracks on the surface of the soft candies after coating, causing the sugar body to contact the outside to absorb water, causing irritation, frosting, and affecting product quality;

It is also related to the viscosity of the chocolate and the follow-up The setting of cooling conditions, etc., have a significant influence on the sensory evaluation and frost resistance of the final product.

Therefore, according to the water content of the finished pectin jelly and equipment parameters, three coating thicknesses of 0.30mm, 0.50mm, and 0.70 mm can be tested, and the performance of the final product can be seen through the chocolate coating machine.

3 .The Effect Of Cooling Conditions On The Quality Of Fudge Chocolate Coating Products

Chocolate Conche JMJ40
Chocolate Conche JMJ40

Cooling is an essential part of the chocolate-making process. Cooling is for the fluid fat in the chocolate to crystallize as quickly as possible in the shortest time and form stable crystals to reach a certain proportion of solid fat content, which can meet the production capacity and subsequent packaging needs.

4.Advantages Of Sizing Machine:

  • The product is clamped by the upper and lower mesh belts, and is completely filled into the slurry and fully wrapped in the slurry;
  • The spacing between the upper and lower mesh belts can be adjusted;
  • Even the slurry with high viscosity can ensure smooth entrapment;
  • Control the coating volume of the product by adjusting the fan;
  • One device has multiple uses, which not only saves costs but also increases revenue;

5.Performance Characteristics Of Chocolate Coating Machine

  • The gap between the upper and lower mesh belts is adjustable, which can be applied to the pre-processing of bread crumbs and flour;
  • Opposite output mesh belts are available for selection. The sizing is uniform, and each product is evenly stained with the slurry;
  • Detachable design, easy to clean the whole machine, clean and hygienic in line with HACCP requirements;
  • Powerful fan and vibrator remove excess slurry. Avoid waste and reduce costs;
  • Existing reliable safety protection, reliable electrical devices;
  • It can be connected to the flour (chip) machine, forming machine, frying machine and other equipment;
  • Both thin pulp and thick pulp can be used, the operation is simple and convenient, and it is hygienic and reliable;
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