What Machines Are Used To Make Chocolate? Training Manual From Chocolate Machine Maker(5)

In the previous 4 articles, we will introduce the chocolate machinery that customers need, such as chocolate tempering machine, fat melter, chocolate ball mill machine, chocolate enrober machine. Recently, many people want to know about chocolate conche. What is chocolate conche? How should chocolate conche be maintained? What are the advantages?

1. The Name Of The Chocolate Conche

Chocolate conche can also be called:

  • conching machine
  • conching machine for chocolate
  • chocolate conching machine
  • chocolate conche
  • chocolate conche machine
  • chocolate refining machine
  • chocolate refiner conche
  • conche chocolate machine
  • chocolate conche machine for sale
  • refiner conche

What do you call chocolate conche?

2.Chocolate Conche Overview

Chocolate conche belongs to the technical field of food processing machinery and equipment. Chocolate conche is mainly to install the barrel on the frame, the barrel is equipped with a jacket, the main shaft is connected with the motor through the coupling, and the agitator is installed on the main shaft. There is a steel ball inside the cylinder, the diameter of the steel ball is 3-6mm, and the stirrer drives the steel ball to move so that the chocolate material is fully refined. Chocolate conche has a simple structure and low manufacturing cost; the finely ground chocolate has fine particle size and fine taste; low energy consumption is suitable for production by small and medium-sized manufacturers, and is the ideal equipment for chocolate fine grinding.

jmj chocolate conche

3. Advantages Of Chocolate Concrete Products

  • Chocolate conche uses a motor to automatically tighten the grid, and uses a temperature control system to ensure that the water temperature in the jacket is quickly heated and cooled;
  • The knife handle is widened, and the blade is made of spring steel, which strengthens the running-in tightness of the blade and the liner and prolongs the service life;
  • Increase the size of the cylinder, the actual capacity is greater than the theoretical capacity;
  • The cylinder body and the bottom seat are connected by screws and can be separated, which is convenient for maintenance and repair work;

The outer cylinder body is made of stainless steel, with a clean and beautiful appearance.

GUSU chocolate conche innovatively solves the problem of dry refining of the material in the process of wet grinding chocolate slurry with a traditional refiner or ball mill and improves the flavor of the chocolate slurry and the plasticity of the later molding.

Chocolate conche makes it feasible to make high-quality chocolate and lays the foundation for upgrading the grade of chocolate. It is an inevitable choice for producing high-quality chocolate.

4. Chocolate Conch Operating Procedures

  • When starting the motor when chocolate conche is produced, the cylinder should be preheated first;
  • Before putting the raw materials, the oil must be discharged first, and then the powdered materials shall be added;
  • After the raw materials are put into production, they can be tightly closed after all the raw materials are melted. The tightly closed cells are not less than four times in the entire production process, and the time is one to three hours apart, and it is best to tighten the cells multiple times;
  • Do not tighten the grid at one time, as this will wear the machine too much and have a great impact on product quality;
  • After the chocolate conche is turned on, read the thermometer and time to ensure that they do not exceed the specified range, temperature (40-50°C), time (12-22 hours), and special circumstances are based on process requirements;
  • During the fine grinding process, as the temperature rises, the natural air outlet should be raised, which has a good effect on dehydration and deodorization, but it should not be opened when the spices are added;
  • When discharging the chocolate conche, turn off the power and relax the spatula before discharging;
  • When the chocolate conche is stopped and then turned on, the cylinder must be preheated to melt the remaining slurry in the machine;
  • If the machine is shut down, there is slurry in the machine, and the temperature in the machine cannot be interrupted. It should be kept between 35-45°C and stirred once an hour, each time for 3-5 minutes;
  • The inner wall of the cleaning cylinder must not be washed with steam or water to prevent the scraper and the body from being rusted and deformed. It can be cleaned with edible oil;
chocolate conche

5. What Kinds Of Chocolate Conche Are There?

With the development of production and changes in refining forms, chocolate conche has many types, which can be summarized as follows:

Roller reciprocating refiner

The roller-type reciprocating refiner consists of a refining cylinder, connecting rods, transmission wheels, and granite rolling wheels.

The chocolate sauce material has a special kneading effect after a long time of continuous rolling and friction in this type of refiner, which can remove unpleasant and unsuitable odors in the material, make the material a smooth fluid and have a good refining effect.

Therefore, the refining equipment developed later still retains a mechanical kneading effect. However, the production capacity of this kind of refiner is too small, the minimum capacity is 100kg each time, the maximum is 1000kg, and the refining time is more than 48-72 hours.

Plow-shaped mixing refiner

This is a refiner with a high degree of dehumidification, degassing, and enhancing the aroma of chocolate. It consists of a semi-circular symmetrical cylinder with two mixing columns attached with a scraper and a plow-shaped mixing paddle.

During dry refining, it can increase the contact surface with the space and enhance the aeration effect. The refining cylinder is a jacket layer that can be quickly cooled or heated.

Three-cylinder and three-axis double overturning refiner

The three-cylinder three-axis double overturning refiner is composed of left and right-side cylinders, intermediate cylinders, mixing arms, and mixing shafts.

The diameter of the outer two cylinders of the machine is smaller than the diameter of the middle cylinder, and all of them are jacket insulation devices, including the side walls. The kneading and stirring arms rotate in opposite directions, but the speeds are different, and the speed of the outer two stirring shafts is faster than the speed of the middle shaft.

All three shafts can be powerfully operated. They are driven by the spiral gear of the oil tank. The rotation speed and direction of the agitator make the refining machine produce double-turning action.

Inner and outer cylinder four agitator refiner

This type of refiner is equipped with an inner cylinder and an outer cylinder. The inner cylinder is made of conical granite, and a conical metal roller is installed in the middle for planetary operation. The inner cylinder is installed on the top of the center of the outer cylinder.

The outer cylinder is composed of four arc-shaped cylinder walls, with a jacket insulation device, and four sets of agitators with blades and scrapers. The center of the cylinder is equipped with a worm screw to transport the materials from the outer cylinder to the middle of the inner cylinder.

Refining machine

This kind of refiner is a general-purpose chocolate refiner that combines mixing, homogenization, grinding, and refining. It is also called a cylindrical refiner. The refiner is a jacketed circle composed of double cylinders. The cylinder has a diameter of 960mm and a length of 900mm.

The jacket can pass cooling water or hot water. Around the inner wall of the cylinder, alloy steel bars with a flat cone in cross-section are arranged. There is a jacketed cooling water inlet at the bottom of the cylinder, and a cooling water overflow, and a thermometer at the top.

There is a sauce thermometer on the back of the tank. The spindle is equipped with a circular tool holder, and dozens of scrapers are installed on the tool holder. The gap between the scraper and the inner wall of the cylinder can be adjusted by the umbrella adjuster on the main shaft. There is a scale at the back end of the main shaft. The reading above indicates the front and back expansion of the umbrella adjuster, that is, the gap between the scraper and the cylinder wall. The degree of tightness.

This machine has a new development. A double shearing pusher is installed on the central cylinder wall at the end of the discharging end. The grease content of the chocolate sauce during fine grinding can be as low as 21%. The rotating blade of the pusher pushes the circulation of the sauce horizontally. Refining can promote the formation of aroma and improve fineness, and shorten the refining time. At the same time, it can also be directly mixed with other raw materials, and after the initial grinding by the double-roller pre-refiner, the materials fall into the screw conveyor and are fed The refiner can achieve the same quality effect as the five-roll refiner for fine grinding and refining.

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