Explain in detail the workflow and function of the Customized chocolate chip making machine

Chocolate should be one of the most irresistible gourmet snacks in the world. The unique flavor of chocolate makes people who taste it more enjoyable. This is closely related to the fact that chocolate contains enough oil and fat inside the cocoa. In Belgium, a chocolate festival is held every year to welcome chocolates of different flavors and shapes. But it takes a long process, from chocolate cocoa to the chocolate we see. Among them, chocolate chip-making machines are indispensable. So today, let’s talk briefly about the workflow and function of the Customized Chocolate Chip Making Machine.


 Workflow of Customized Chocolate Chip Making Machine


1. Buy fermented cocoa beans

Generally speaking, when chocolate manufacturers produce chocolate today, they process it from the source. It is made directly by purchasing cocoa beans that have already been fermented. This kind of cocoa beans may come from many different regions and have been peeled, so it works by pouring the beans directly into the grinding machine. This is the first step in the final operation of the Customized Chocolate Chip Making Machine.

2. The focus of the Customized chocolate chip making machine is milling

The grinding machine is very critical. Because this is a process where fermented and peeled beans are directly ground into the cocoa sauce, all the cocoa we see is turned into cocoa sauce. Many of us think chocolate should be powdery after it’s milled. Just like coffee, it becomes coffee powder. If you want to make a paste, you need to add other materials. This is not the case. All the pulp of mellow chocolate comes from the cocoa butter inside the cocoa. The cocoa butter milled by cocoa beans can play its full role at a specific temperature, driving the whole cocoa bean to become the chocolate paste we see.


Not only has the shape changed, but also from the appearance, you can see that the oily cocoa paste is shiny, the smooth taste has been removed, and the bitter taste has also been removed. Cocoa beans from different regions will only show the unique flavor of chocolate from the other areas at this point. It wasn’t until three days later that the initial production of chocolate was officially completed.


3. Customized chocolate chip making machine is finally formed


After cocoa paste, it can be made separately. For example, we like vanilla chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, etc., all of which are operated at this step. The cocoa paste is directly mixed with other ingredients to create an entirely new chocolate flavor. The chocolate paste, which has already been formulated, is placed in different molds for processing. Different types of chocolate are made. Generally speaking, the chocolates we see are flaky, but there are often chocolates with other logos, or some chocolates have unique patterns. These are all made through the manufacturer’s customized chocolate chip-making machine.


The second is the standard customized chocolate chip-making machine


1. Size is not the most important thing

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In terms of size, as long as it meets the sales specifications of our current market, it doesn’t matter what your chocolate looks like. For example, we are now more common chocolate chips; some are thinner, some are thicker, some are whole pieces, and some are divided into different segments that make them easier to open. Even some are not regular flakes at all.


2. The standard Customized chocolate chip making machine comes from the mold


Maintaining a specific temperature in the cylinder where the chocolate pulp is placed is necessary. The chocolate must be melted, but the mold needs to cool down quickly. In this way, after the chocolate flows in, it can be cooled and demoulded directly. Therefore, the temperature and pattern of the mold are critical.


The role of customized chocolate chip making machine


1. It has personalized characteristics


Different chocolate brands need to have other characteristics, and some manufacturers will print their logos on them, so they need to make pattern versions with additional text. The customized chocolate chip-making machine can customize different molds according to customer needs.

2. The degree of sophistication pays attention to the production process


Chocolate is not just about taste at the Belgian Chocolate Festival, depending on success or failure. Because preferences are difficult to achieve uniformity, it is often decided to win from the shape of chocolate. And if the mold on the Customized chocolate chip-making machine is more delicate and distinctive, it can often give a more profound impression, and demoulding will be easier.


In the long run, the customized chocolate chip-making machine is also a highlight of the chocolate industry. Through the process of changing from chocolate pulp to chocolate chips, it can reduce losses as much as possible and can use more personalized molds, which is a cost reduction model for merchants, and consumers; in the future, chocolate can also be designed and purchased according to your preferences, such as printing your name or your photo, etc., which is also an inevitable trend!

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