There Is Everything You Want To Know About Energy Bars!

1. The development history of energy bars-from space food to the actual birth of energy bars

In the 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union were embarking on a fiery space race. To better solve food and clothing for astronauts, the Pillsbury Company of the United States developed a long strip of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Space food for emergencies.

In 1980, to solve the critical condition encountered in marathon due to glycogen depletion, Canadian marathon runner Brian Maxwell and his wife decided to develop a food that can quickly replenish energy during exercise. After countless trials, he launched the Power Bar specially designed for athletes in 1986, and the energy bar was officially born.

energy bars
energy bars

After being unanimously affirmed by the long-distance running circle, energy bars have also been favored by other outdoor sports fields such as mountaineering and cycling and have since become the darling of the sports world.

The occasions where energy bars can use are outdoor rock climbing, hiking, outdoor cycling, ball sports, marathons, etc.

2. Why did energy bars start late but develop so fast?

To some extent, athletes or outdoor enthusiasts in almost any field will need to consume energy bars to supplement energy in some cases. There are reasons for any choice, so why do so many outdoor enthusiasts choose to consume energy bars?

1 Sweep away fatigue and be yourself!

As the name suggests, the most significant energy bars’ value is that they can quickly replenish energy. Many people will ask, isn’t it the same when I eat chocolate? Is that right? I heard that the Chocolate and Energy Bar family held a contest; go and see!

Energy bar and chocolate PK first round

Supplement sugar: There are three primary energy substances in the human body: carbohydrates (commonly known as sugar), protein, and fat. Sugar is the most critical and high-quality energy supply material, and it is the only energy that the brain can directly use. During exercise, the brain’s energy supply is insufficient, and it is easy to feel tired, so it is necessary to supplement sugar.

The sugar in chocolate is mainly sucrose. It is a simple sugar that is absorbed into the blood quickly and will make your blood sugar rise rapidly. However, the time to maintain energy is short, and more consumption may cause diabetes and other diseases. The sugar in energy bars is a scientific combination of monosaccharides, disaccharides, and oligosaccharides, which can achieve rapid energy supply and ensure continuous energy supply, achieve energy relay, and maintain stable blood sugar levels, and enhance exercise capacity.

So in this round, the energy bar is even better. Competition result: the energy bar wins!

Energy Bar and Chocolate PK second round

Fat content: As we all know, too much fat intake will accumulate in the body and cause obesity. Therefore, many female friends who lose weight or keep in shape have to “keep a distance” from fat. Moreover, fat is not the best energy source during exercise. As far as energy bars and chocolates are concerned, each energy bar’s fat content is less than 10g, and the fat content of each 50g piece of chocolate is about 20g.

Therefore, energy bars are favored by many beautiful women for their high energy and low fat. Competition result: The energy bar wins again!

Energy bar and chocolate PK third round

Vitamins: Vitamins play an essential role in maintaining the normal physiological functions of the body. The B vitamins are closely related to energy metabolism during exercise, especially VitB1 and VitB2. They are an indispensable part of the three significant energy-supply substances’ metabolism, but people often do not consume enough in their diet. Because cereals are an essential source of these vitamins, but advanced processing can much lose these vitamins.

The content of B vitamins in chocolate is minimal, and the energy bar is specially added with VitB1 and VitB2 to promote energy production during exercise.

Energy bars are tailor-made for the sports crowd, which is also evident. Competition result: The energy bar wins again!

After three rounds of fierce competition, the energy bar family defeated the chocolate family with a 3:0 advantage!

2 Small and easy to carry, ready to eat

The energy bar is very convenient, simple food. It occupies a small space and is convenient to carry. When you feel insufficient energy outdoor or in other sports places, you can quickly take it out. It does not require processing or storage of utensils and can be eaten after opening.

3. What types of energy bars are there?

For some travel friends or professional athletes who walk outdoors all year round, energy bars are no stranger. However, many young travelers are new to the outdoors, still a little vague about energy bars.

At present, many snacks are also promoted and sold under the sign of energy bars in the market. Still, their calorie and component ratios do not meet energy bars’ standards, so consumers are even more dazzled when choosing.

In order to achieve the corresponding nutritional effects, energy bars can be mass-produced scientifically through Compound Candy Bar Making Line. According to different ingredients, energy bars are also divided into different types:

Compound Candy Bar Making Line
Compound Candy Bar Making Line

1 One protein bar

Protein bars are trendy among fitness enthusiasts because they are rich in protein and have meager calories. Taking it before and after exercise can help promote muscle growth. A protein bar generally contains 10-20 grams of protein, which accounts for about 20% of the daily protein intake.

2 Cereal Bar/Nut Bar

Many people even eat cereal bars as snacks because most of the cereal bars are oats. Besides having a delicious taste, oats have high nutritional value and are rich in dietary fiber. They are low-sugar and high-energy food. Although energy bars with nuts as the main ingredient contain more fat, they are mostly unsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to the human body, and nuts can also be rich in protein.As a reminder, Gusu owns the Chocolate cereal bar line, which provides good machinery for producing delicious cereal bars.

3 Sports Energy Bar (Activity /Endurance Bar)

Compared with the other two, the sports energy bar may be less known to everyone, but it is compelling. Sports energy bars are mostly based on carbohydrates as the primary source of calories, suitable for higher intensity exercises, and can quickly replenish energy.

4. How to choose an energy bar?

1 Look at the ingredients

When choosing an energy bar, we must learn to look at the ingredient list to figure out some questions: Where is the energy bar’s sweetness? The healthiest sweetness supply is natural dried fruit, which can add more vitamins and fiber without causing a rapid rise in blood sugar. However, if the energy bar’s ingredient list is filled with pure peanut oil, butter, or even trans fat, then the energy bar must discard them decisively.

Also, we have to consider whether the fat in the energy bar is healthy? The nuts in nuts are mostly unsaturated fatty acids, which are high-quality plant-based fats and make energy bars more delicious. However, if the list of ingredients is full of pure peanut oil, butter, or even trans fats, the energy bar must discard them decisively.

2 Select brands

I just told you that we should carefully look at the ingredient list when choosing energy bars. Although high-quality and inexpensive things are great, sometimes they do get what you pay for, mainly because there are many market brands. The function of the energy bar is a small snack product. But it does not mean that we must choose the most expensive one, but to find the most cost-effective one through comparison!

3 Choices of taste

Different energy bar brands are working hard to introduce flavors that cater to more consumers, so there is always one that suits your tongue! Bring your taste buds and find your taste!

5. Precautions for eating energy bars

The energy bar can replenish energy quickly, is small and portable, and is convenient for temporary meal replacement in outdoor or other sports venues. But it is worth noting that energy bars cannot replace regular meals for a long time. Firstly, it is not enough to completely supplement the nutrients needed by the human body; secondly, long-term consumption will also cause specific damage to the stomach.

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