Complex Problems And Solutions In The Production Process Of Energy Bar Machine

1.Energy Bars Machine Formula Parameters

During the development process of different types of energy bars, the content of ingredients added is additional.

In the process of using an Energy bar machine to produce energy bars, the first consideration is the taste and nutrients of the energy bar. Orthogonal experiments and response surface methods can be used to optimize energy bar formulas.

Orthogonal experiments can only analyze discrete data and cannot find the best combination and optimal response value to produce energy bars within the entire range of the given area.

Therefore, the response surface method can be used to create energy bars using the Energy bar machine, with the added amount of ingredients as the independent variable factor and the sensory quality score of the energy bar as the response value, to obtain the formula parameters of the energy bar with the best taste.

2. Adhesive Production

When using an Energy bar machine to produce energy bars, a very critical point is the production of adhesives.

Energy bar machine
Energy bar machine

It should be noted that the output of the bond is affected by the particle size, water content of the dry material, and the caramelization temperature, sweetness, and viscosity of the adhesive. If these factors are not well controlled, it will affect the taste of the energy bar.

(1). Dry Material Particle Size

For different types of energy bars, the dry ingredients required for the production process of the Energy bar machine are inconsistent, and their particle sizes are also varying, which increases the difficulty of making adhesives.

For example, in the nut bar, the main component is nut particles, because the particles are more prominent, and the gap between the particles is relatively large. In the energy bar machine production process, it is also conducive to the entry of adhesives and facilitates molding.

However, in some cereal energy bars, such as puffed whole oatmeal, the raw material particles are small, so the binder is not easy to enter the dry material gap, and the energy bar machine will cause dry material waste due to too small particles.

(2). Water Content

In the production of energy bars, in order to increase the taste of energy bars, the staff will add some candied fruits or other ingredients with higher water content to the Energy bar machine.

Although the taste of the energy bar is increased to a certain extent, the increase in the water content of the dry material causes the viscosity of the boiled adhesive to decrease, which is not conducive to the formation of the energy bar.

(3). The Caramelization Temperature Of The Adhesive

During the boiling process of the binder, different energy bars may be cooked with different types of syrups, such as glucose syrup, fructose syrup, etc. The boiling temperature of these syrups or starches is different.

Infrared thermometer or pin thermometer is used for temperature measurement to prevent the adhesive from scorching.

(4). The Viscosity And Sweetness Of The Adhesive

When the Energy bar machine is used to produce energy bars, the role of the adhesive is vital. Therefore, the selected bond should have a higher viscosity, which is conducive to the formation of the energy bar. At the same time, the sweetness of the adhesive should not be too high. Otherwise, it will affect the taste.

 In order to reduce the influence of this aspect, before using the Energy bar machine, a ready-mixed powder with relatively stable viscosity and sweetness can be selected for production.

3. Shelf Life

After the energy bar, the machine production process is over, the preservation of the energy bar is also very important. Because energy bars contain higher reducing sugars such as glucose, as well as oils, proteins, and peptides, during the storage of the energy bar, the quality of the energy bar will gradually deteriorate, and if no special treatment is done, it will soon reach the end of its shelf life.

During the storage of energy bars, attention should be paid to the use of vacuum packaging to extend the storage time of the energy bars and minimize the impact of deterioration on the nutritional components of the energy bars.

In actual production and life, most energy bars are stored at room temperature, and the colour difference brightness will decrease with the prolonged storage time, and the higher the temperature, the faster the decrease speed. Therefore, the energy bar should be stored at a lower temperature as much as possible.

4. Degree Of Absorption

In order to further improve the body’s absorption of energy bars, a little xylooligosaccharides can be added to the Energy bar machine, because xylooligosaccharides can promote the body’s absorption of minerals, promote the balance of intestinal flora, and improve protein digestion enzymes. Active, improve intestinal morphology and tissue structure.

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