Classification And Development Trend Of Food Machinery

1. Classification By Raw Materials Or Products Produced

Food machinery can be classified according to special-purpose food processing machinery and general food processing equipment.

Food processing machinery can be divided into different processing objects or production varieties: sugar machinery, tobacco processing machinery, beverage processing machinery, pastry processing machinery, candy processing machinery, soy product processing machinery, fruit processing machinery, vegetable processing machinery, fruit and vegetable preservation Machinery, slaughter machinery, meat processing machinery, dairy processing machinery, egg processing machinery, aquatic product processing machinery, salt making machinery, brewing machinery, condiment processing machinery, food additive processing machinery, oil deep processing machinery, canned food processing machinery, Convenient food processing machinery, starch processing machinery, food and cooking machinery.

tpx automatic compound candy bar line2
tpx automatic compound candy bar line2

General food processing equipment can be divided into sorting equipment, washing equipment, crushing equipment, mixing equipment, homogenizing equipment, concentration equipment, drying equipment, frying equipment, baking equipment, sterilization equipment, etc., according to different equipment functions.

2.Classified According To The Function Of Mechanical Equipment.

  • Raw material processing machinery: including various machinery and equipment such as impurity removal, cleaning, and sorting.
  • It was crushing, slitting, and dividing machinery: including crushing, pulverizing, grinding, and dividing machinery and equipment.
  • I am mixing machinery: including powder mixing and kneading machinery and equipment.
  • Sorting machinery: refers to the sorting machinery for powder and block materials.
  • Molding machinery: such as the molding of biscuits, cakes, and candies.
  • Multiphase separation machinery: such as filters, centrifuges, etc.
  • Mixing and homogenizing machinery: mainly refers to the mixing and processing equipment of liquid materials and can also include colloid mills.
  • I was cooking and torment machinery: including mechanical equipment such as cooking, sterilizing, simmering, boiling sugar, frying, etc.
  • Evaporation and concentration machinery: rising and falling film concentration machinery and equipment, single-effect and multi-effect concentration machinery and equipment.
  • It was drying machinery and equipment: including various atmospheric and vacuum drying machinery. According to the machine form, it can be divided into box type, tunnel type, rotary cylinder type, chain belt type, spray type, pipeline type, fluidized type, etc.

According to the heat source used, it can be divided into flue gas heating, oil heating, combustible gas heating, steam heating, electric heating, far infrared heating, microwave heating, high-frequency heating, etc.

  • Baking machinery: including fixed box type, rotary type, chain belt type, etc.
  • Freezing and freezing machinery: Including all kinds of quick-freezing machines and cold beverage freezing machinery, including refrigeration machinery.
  • Quantitative machinery: the process includes the quantitative, volumetric, or gravimetric type of various liquids and solids.
  • Packaging machinery: including all kinds of solid and liquid materials canning, bottling, and bagging machinery.
  • Extrusion machinery and other machinery are challenging to classify.
chocolate packing machine2.jpg 894843731
chocolate packing machine

In addition, there is some available equipment, such as conveying machinery, including belt conveyors, bucket elevators, pneumatic conveyors, various pumps, heat exchange equipment, containers, etc., which are also commonly used mechanical equipment in food factories.

3. Development trend of food machinery equipment

1. Deep processing equipment for grain and oil by-products

The deep processing equipment of grain and oil by-products includes processing equipment for soybean, peanut, rapeseed, cottonseed, and corn germ, using low-temperature desolventization and detoxification, and processing equipment for comprehensive utilization of rice bran and bran.

In this regard, many technological problems have been breakthroughs, but pushing the laboratory’s scientific research results to industrial applications needs further development and innovation.

2. Convenient food processing equipment

With the acceleration of the pace of modern life and the prosperity of the tourism industry, convenience food reflects the characteristics of this era and a development trend of the food industry.

Not only non-staple foods and snack foods are made convenient and staple foods, such as instant noodles, instant rice, instant porridge, instant dumplings, and traditional Eastern convenience foods. Therefore, the food industry needs a lot of convenience food processing equipment.

3. Extrusion equipment

Extrusion equipment is a screw extruder according to the design goal of mixing uniform food raw materials at high speed to complete the conveying, mixing, heating, pressurization, texture reorganization, cooking, sterilization, molding, and other multi-processing units, thereby replacing food processing. Traditional production method.

In terms of extrusion equipment, we have researched and developed extrusion processing machines suitable for high protein, high fat, and high moisture, which are used to produce various types of meat, aquatic products, cereal bars, and other breakfast foods.

4. Ultrafiltration separation equipment

The development of membrane separation equipment such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis provides a very effective processing method for engineered food.

According to the molecular mass of the separated solution substance, use the corresponding separation membrane material or the membrane with the corresponding pore size and use different membrane components. Through the push of pressure, the meaning can be completed without destroying the nutrients and flavor substances. The process of separation, purification, sterilization, turbidity removal, and concentration changes the product’s texture.

In particular, the biological hollow fiber ultrafiltration device has been used to concentrate active food ingredients and the wastewater treatment of food factories. Ultrafiltration separation equipment has been used in dairy products, meat, fruits, vegetables, tea, beverages, fats, soy sauce, and soy sauce. In addition, it is widely used in sugar-making and enzyme preparation industries.

5. Vacuum equipment

The application of vacuum equipment in the food industry has great potential. At present, the food industry generally adopts vacuum concentration, vacuum packaging, vacuum nitrogen filling packaging, vacuum skin packaging, vacuum drying, vacuum drying, vacuum fumigation, vacuum conveying, vacuum impregnation, vacuum Cooling, and other technologies.

Vacuum skin packaging especially has a breathable film for long-distance transportation. In addition, it can pack fish, shrimp, meat, fruits, vegetables, candy, etc.

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