Chocolate And Chocolate Making Machine Basics Answers!

1. What Is Chocolate?


Chocolate consists of cocoa products (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa powder), sugar, dairy products, spices and surfactants, etc., through the chocolate making Machine, chocolate ball mill, chocolate refiner, chocolate tempering machine, chocolate moulding machine and other machines for mixing, fine grinding, refining, tempering, pouring moulding and further scientific processing, with colour, fragrance, fine, preservation, high calorific value sweet solid food.

2. What Are The Basic Properties Of Chocolate?

Chocolate is a kind of fat dispersion medium, with sugar, cocoa, milk solids and a small amount of water and air as the dispersion phase of the composite multiphase dispersion system. It is delicate and lubricated, is a heat-sensitive food. The texture is hard and brittle; when the temperature is close to 35℃, it will soften and even melt. The colour of natural pigments is derived from cocoa butter, formed by the optical properties of tiny stable crystals formed by cocoa butter and sucrose particles. This unique flavour stems from cocoa beans varieties and processing conditions. Its formation is associated with changes in the type and content of free amino acids in cocoa raw materials. Substances like coco base, caffeine, polyphenols, organic acids, creamy solids and other substances also affect the flavour of chocolate. The viscosity of chocolate changes with the temperature, the content of cocoa butter increases with the increase in echogenicity; surfactant phospholipids can effectively reduce the thickness of chocolate.

3. Why Is Chocolate a Nutritious Food?

Chocolate is a high-calorie food, nutritious, high calorie. However, chocolate also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. Especially flavonoids and a certain amount of alkaloids, caffeine, caffeine, etc., have dilated blood vessels, promote blood circulation, beneficial cardiovascular. In addition, it is rich in iron.

4. What Are The Quality Problems That Often Arise In Chocolate?

chocolate machine
chocolate machine

(1). Whitening.

Such as improper operation in the manufacturing process using a chocolate making machine or oil mixing, poor storage conditions, etc., chocolate surface, sometimes there are different degrees of a whitening phenomenon. This phenomenon, in addition to the chocolate making machine process, is mainly affected by temperature and humidity, chocolate for a long time at more than 25 ℃, the low melting point of grease melting into the chocolate surface, when the temperature drops, the grease re-crystallizes, forming a white “grease cream”. Similarly, the moisture on the chocolate surface increases at higher relative humidity, sugar crystals dissolve, and when relative humidity decreases, sugar begins to re-crystallize to form sugar mass. Again, this phenomenon occurs mainly in “grease cream”.

(2).oil seepage.

Chocolate is an evenly distributed structure; usually, good preservation of chocolate will not penetrate oil. Still, the storage temperature is too high, or unsuitable storage environment, will make the chocolate surface oil, a long time will permeate into the surface of the wrapping paper, often affect the chocolate texture, taste, and different processes Degree odour.


Mainly chocolate containing nuts and cereals can cause pests and pests in wet and hot seasons and harsh environments. Due to the processing process is not tight, production and storage conditions do not meet hygienic requirements, which will cause chocolate insects and mould breeding. Prevents chocolate worms and moths. Strengthen production process management, especially raw materials, semi-finished products, quality control and acceptance, pay attention to sanitary conditions of production storage. Excipients such as nuts can be disinfected with microwave first.

5.What Is The Main Difference Between Chocolate And Chocolate Coating Slurry?

Chocolate coated pastes have better theosis than chocolate pastes, which contain a higher fat content than the latter. This is the main difference between chocolate and chocolate-coated pastes.

6. Chocolate Manufacturing Must Have Several Processes?

The chocolate manufacturing process requires different kinds of chocolate making machines: raw materials to be processed, mixed, refined grinding, refining, tempering, injection moulding and packaging process.

7. Chocolate Making Machine How To Process Raw Materials?

Chocolate Making Machine How To Process Raw Materials?
Chocolate Making Machine How To Process Raw Materials?

Chocolate production should generally be pretreated before feeding, cocoa mass and cocoa butter are solid raw materials at room temperature, should be heated and melted in a sandwich pot or insulated tank; the temperature of melted cocoa sauce and cocoa butter generally does not exceed 60 ℃, insulation time should not be too long. To speed up melting, large pieces of raw materials can be cut into small pieces in advance. Sugar in raw materials are granular; before mixing, fine grinding should be processed into powdered sugar and then feed.

8. Chocolate Production Why Should Sugar Be Processed Into Powdered Sugar?

Chocolate muchine manufactur
Chocolate muchine manufactur

The sugar is processed into powdered sugar during chocolate production, mainly facilitate the mixing process of various materials before finishing grinding, can shorten the chocolate grinding time, improve the utilization of chocolate ball mill machine, reduce the wear rate of the equipment, extend the service life of chocolate ball mill machine. In addition, it makes the chocolate sauce grinding fineness more uniform and meets the standards.

9. What Are The Main Ways Of Grinding Chocolate? What Are The Typical Chocolate Making Machine?

  • there are various primary methods of chocolate grinding, commonly used: roller grinding, ball mill, barrel type fine grinding, etc.
  • Typical delicate grinding equipment are three and five roll fine grinders, Chocolate ball mill machine, Chocolate refiner.

10. Does Fine Grinding Play a Role In The Chocolate Manufacturing Process?

  • (1).chocolate refiner will grind all kinds of chocolate materials to the required fineness, making its taste delicate lubrication.
  • To promote a variety of materials mixed evenly, constituting chocolate highly uniform dispersion system, and has good rheology.
  • Effectively reduce moisture in chocolate sauce.
  • effectively evaporate to remove the unpleasant smell produced during the chocolate grinding process, facilitate the fragrance and fragrance of chocolate, make its aroma and taste more comfortable.
  • easy to dilute and emulsify the chocolate sauce.

11. The Chocolate Grinding Process Often Produces What Problems?

  • fine grinding will generate a lot of heat so that the chocolate sauce temperature rises. Excessive temperatures can cause sugar melting coking in chocolate and protein degeneration of non-fat milk solids, producing insoluble matter. Will lead to uniform dispersion system is destroyed, fat separation, will lead to oxidization of grease, make the material viscosity increase, a load of chocolate refine increases, accelerate the ageing of seals and parts wear.
  • fine grinding excessive will make chocolate sauce heavy metal content increase, even exceed the standard.

12. In Fine Grinding, Host Ammeter Readings And Roller Surface Retention Chocolate Sauce Indicate What Problem?

When the roller temperature, pressure and scraper are in a normal state, if the host current is 150A, the mixed chocolate sauce is too dry; the wind is 100A, then the mixed spice is too wet. When there is no pressure between the rollers, there is a visible transmission gap between the rollers; force is too small, then the roller end does not transmit chocolate sauce; pressure is too enormous, then the roller end heat, chocolate sauce is not sent up; pressure is expected, the roller surface temperature is balanced, the sauce transmission is standard, fine grinding fineness Uniform. In normal conditions, the roller surface should not have a thick chocolate material. If any, the roller temperature, pressure, clearance and scraper pressure are not average, should immediately check and adjust.

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