Chocolate fat melter operating procedures and development trends

When it comes to chocolate, I’m afraid few people don’t like this sweet but not greasy snack, right? There are also countless countries and factories that make chocolate around the world. If you go to a supermarket, the variety of chocolate is enough to stop you for it. For example, Belgium has a chocolate festival every year. We not only focus on the quality and taste of chocolate, but also need to improve the appearance so that our diners can enjoy it better. Actually, think about it. The reason we like chocolate is because of its silky, melt-in-your-mouth feeling. There are also sweets with various flavors that need to be chewed with your teeth, but chocolate doesn’t need it at all, so the smooth and mellow taste is actually due to the fact that cocoa, the raw material of chocolate, contains high-quality oils and fats. It’s a bit similar to nuts, that is, chewing cocoa beans directly, and you don’t feel obvious, but if you use a chocolate melting pot to fully extract this layer of oil, then you’re tasting real chocolate. Therefore, the chocolate melting pot is also one of the essential equipment in chocolate making. So what does the chocolate fat melter operating procedure look like? How will it develop in the future?

Chocolate fat melter operating procedure is a three-step procedure

1.One of the chocolate fat melter operating procedures

Fermentation and drying are actually the first steps before cocoa enters the chocolate melting pot. The reason it needs to be listed specifically is that these two steps completely determine whether the chocolate melting pot can meet the high oil standard after the next chocolate melting pot. To change cocoa from fruit to the last bean, fermentation is to remove the various elements attached to the surface when it is used as a fruit. If not done well, it will become impurities after entering the chocolate melting pot. Drying, on the other hand, is to remove excess moisture. If there is too much water, it is not conducive to extracting better oils and fats. Therefore, the quality inspection of cocoa beans is also the first step in the chocolate fat melter operating procedure!

2.Operation procedure

The importance of grinding actually directly determines the final chocolate taste. Because the finer and more average the ground is ground, the more oil content it produces will be. In addition, there will be no extra residue in the later stages, so the unique flavor of chocolate can be fully displayed. Therefore, in the chocolate fat melter operating procedure, the grinding equipment is also very important.

3.Operation procedure

After completing the current two steps, you can focus on melting the oil. The most basic of chocolate fat melter operating procedures is time. Generally speaking, it takes at least three days to melt oil. Many of our Belgian craft workshops melt oil pans for several days, but now our equipment is relatively high quality, so the melting time is naturally greatly reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the melting time according to different needs.

Pay attention to in chocolate fat melter operating procedures

1.Chocolate fat melter operating procedures are indispensable

The reason for the accurate chocolate fat melter operating procedures mentioned earlier is that some small manufacturers now greatly shorten the operation time in order to improve chocolate production efficiency, and even many steps are directly missing. For example, you don’t need to dry it. Anyway, the oil melting pot equipment is very good now, and there is not a big problem with moisture at all. But in fact, a professional taster can easily tell by tasting whether you have gone through the drying step and whether it is in place. Because this directly affects the quality of chocolate. The product is small, and the brand is big. Once it affects the brand’s reputation, it directly affects sales.

2.Testing and cleaning


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Because the operation speed of chocolate melting pans is relatively slow, some small manufacturers tend to ignore pre-use testing, need to be cleaned after use, and require regular maintenance, upgrades, or updates. This is definitely something you can’t save on. Because the inside of the melting pot is greasy for a long time, it actually has a certain impact on the entire melting pot wall. Different cocoa beans also have different flavors, so cleaning is necessary. The detection is to prevent failures during use, which will affect the time of work.

The future development of chocolate melting pot

Now many manufacturers have begun to use oil melting pots, thermos pots, and equipment with integrated grinding functions. This change is effective in terms of the chocolate market, which now meets high demand around the world. However, this kind of integrated device now also has certain flaws, that is, there is no way to achieve the ultimate in many functions. Therefore, this is the most important issue that chocolate melting pot needs to be developed into integration in the future. The more advanced the melting pot, the more attention needs to be paid to the chocolate fat melter operating procedures, so that the quality of chocolate becomes higher.

Of course, after developing integrated equipment, we also need a chocolate fat melter operating that is closer to the new generation, so that the steps are simpler and the quality procedures are better. However, there is no denying that there are still many chocolate lovers who are fascinated by traditional handmade chocolate. It can only be said that radishes and greens are good for each one!


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