The Development Of The Candy Bar Line And Chocolate Drop Depositor Machine

1. The Development Of Chocolate Confectionery Industry

Chocolate Machine
Chocolate Machine

Chocolate candy has become an integral part of people’s lives. Currently, the development of chocolate confectionery industry on chocolate ball mill machine, chocolate chips machine, chocolate storage tank, chocolate holding tank, Candy bar line, Candy bar machine and other chocolate machine technology innovation demand is increasing, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, consumer requirements for candy also continue to improve, more focus on the intrinsic value of confectionery products.

With the improvement of living conditions in recent years, the demand for the quality of confectionery has grown to a certain extent. At present, devices such as Candy bar line and Candy bar machine with safe quality have begun to sell well in the market of chocolate machinery industry.

Chocolate candy has a smoothness, in the production of chocolate bar line, candy bar machine, etc., all solids in chocolate candies are pumped into very small particles, so all soluble and insoluble substances become very small.

Secondly, various materials of the finished chocolate candy are largely confused, after mixing evenly, chocolate candies can not be quickly crystallized, oil and fat can not be separated, so as not to affect the surface and structure of the finished product.

The syrup must be emptied. By grinding, mixing, homogenizing and refining chocolate by chocolate ball mill machine, decomposing various substances into very small particles while making the mixture of different substances very uniform and not being able to tell the respective characteristics of different substances and particles on the tongue, then this chocolate candy, is smooth and fine The finished product was greasy.

In addition, chocolate above the melting point should have excellent fluidity and the ability to smoothly implement the material in transport and process control. Also phospholipids, water content, milk solids, and the size of dry solids control the viscosity of chocolate.

When approaching the melting point, the duality of cocoa butter is very noticeable. Therefore, chocolate candies are very sensitive when the temperature approaches its melting point. This requires attention to the application of this characteristic in its production process filling, coating, packaging, storage and transportation.

2.Candy Bar Line Technology Main Trends

Candy Bar Line
Candy Bar Line

2.1 Development Level

At present, the candy bar line, candy bar machine and other machinery development level of chocolate candy industry can not meet the demand for new candy product development. Candy bar line manufacturers need a lot of money and time to achieve major breakthroughs and major innovations.

2.2 CNC Technology

High-end CNC technology in the complete set of Candy bar line and Candy bar machine will become the mainstream direction of the future development of candy equipment. High-end CNC technology was first widely used in chocolate drop depositor machine, chocolate drop depositor machine was the first to realize the application of this technology.

3.Chocolate Drop Depositor Machine

Chocolate Drop Depositor Machine

Chocolate Drop Depositor Machine

3.1 Let’s take a look at the development of the first generation chocolate drop depositor machine:

China’s first generation chocolate drop depositor machine has been born for more than 10 years, chocolate drop depositor machine for China The flourishing of pouring sweets contributed. The first generation chocolate drop depositor machine only had four rows of cables. Due to the large size and high price, later, after the miniaturization of the equipment, the second and third rows of cables were introduced.

Now, the functional limitations of the first-generation chocolate drop depositor machine are increasingly unable to meet the requirements of diversification and high-end development of the confectionery industry. Although some chocolate drop depositor machine manufacturers are also striving for continuous improvement, it is difficult to achieve major breakthroughs.

3.2 Features of the new chocolate drop depositor machine

chocolate drop depositor machine can raise the pouring nozzle, but also through the high-end CNC arbitrarily moved three-dimensional space, so that the chocolate drop depositor machine has extraordinary functions and a wide application space: first of all, it has a great improvement of the sandwich structure technology, can Accurate positioning and quantitative control of sandwiches, the maximum number of sandwiches can reach 70.

The skin and core material on the surface of the sandwich chocolate are very uniform and do not crack or leak during pouring, and the processing needs can be met, and two materials with the same concentration can be combined in different ways, resulting in high quality, accurate quantification three Meiji.

3.3 New chocolate drop depositor machine features

The new chocolate drop depositor machine can smear and spiral, allowing users to write and draw text, patterns, logos, etc. directly on the chocolate surface and produce monochrome, two-color flat spiral or three-dimensional spiral pattern;

domestic chocolate decorator and chocolate drop The emergence of depositor machine greatly reduces the industry threshold and development barriers, and solves the problems of large number of decorators, more waste, low efficiency, quality and sanitary control difficulties.

Pouring nozzles can be precisely positioned and quantied, and can be poured in series by one or several chocolate drop depositor machines, resulting in a wide variety of multicolor pipe candies.

In Europe and the United States, the development of chocolate drop depositor machine is more mature, this technology represents the mainstream trend of future industry development. Foreign chocolate drop depositor machine equipment technology is mature, but the price is very expensive, only the pouring head, no cooling tunnel, can not be widely used and popularized.

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