Production Technology Of Advanced Chocolate Bar Making Machine



Chocolate bars believe that most of us love snacks, so do you know how chocolate bar making machine produces our favorite chocolate bars? It is known that both white and dark chocolate ingredients are cocoa beans. The world’s largest chocolate factory, their chocolate bar-making machine can handle nearly 120 tons of cocoa beans a day, and their chocolate-making bar machine yields very largely. Today we introduce the process of making bar making machine.

2. Chocolate Bar Making Machine Technology Introduction:

chocolate bar making machine production technology (also known as double extrusion technology) is the use of advanced extrusion puffing technology in a single screw or twin-screw equipment with rice, corn, or other grains as raw materials, using pure cream, egg yolk powder, milk powder, sugar powder, sesame paste, chocolate powder and other raw materials for dilution, with sandwich Material, a sandwich at the same time extruded Material injected into puffed cereal food or chocolate bar, processed into a sandwich chocolate bar small food, the food tastes crisp, unique flavor, can also be processed according to different processes, different recipes into a variety of nutritious food, efficacy food, functional foods, etc., chocolate bar making machine bar for puffing technology Application of surgery in food processing A new way.

3. Make Chocolate Bars Using a Chocolate Bar Making Machine

chocolate bar making machine
chocolate bar making machine
  • crushing: the use of friction fresh raw materials (cocoa powder).
  • Mixing: the different raw materials are mixed evenly, and the mixed raw material moisture remains at 12-14% (twin-screw extruder material moisture to 18-20%). It is proven that rice and corn, according to the 5:1 mixing effect, are best.
  • the preparation of fillings: because the cream has good stability and lubrication and can give the product a better flavor, so the carrier with cream sandwich material is ideal. Heat the pure cream and melt, then cold to about 40 ℃, add a variety of fillings in proportion to stirring. To ensure product quality, the cream should be added to ensure the Material is diluted evenly and have good fluidity. (Cream should be selected with pure cream, can not be mixed with moisture).
  • cereal puffing and stuffing: this is the key process of the Chocolate bar making machine process, the quality and bad of Material puffing directly affect the final texture and taste, the Material in the extrusion through high temperature (130 ℃ – 170 ℃), high pressure (5-10 atmospheric pressure) become a fluidity gel state, through special Uniform and stable sandwich die of special design Extrusion, complete puffing, while the fillings are extruded through the sandwich machine, through the sandwich die evenly injected into the puffing roll, with the extruded Material extruded together, material moisture drops to 9— 10%.
  • shaping: stuffing after the puffing material is extruded from the die hole, its shape is not the final product, need to be pulled to the shaping machine, after two forming roll shape, cut by the cutter into a certain length, the thickness of uniform rolls, cakes, and other food, at this time the material cooling, water drops to 6-8%.
  • Mixing: Mixing is carried out in the drum of making bar making machine, including billet surface oil injection and sprinkle seasoning; oil injection is to prevent the product from absorbing moisture, give the product certain stability, extend the shelf life, spray seasoning is to improve the taste and flavor, as the drum turns, the Material from one head into coming out from the other head, the injection is in When the Material enters the drum, through the roll stirring, oil evenly coated on the surface of the Material, the Material through the middle of the drum with seasoning, continue to mix (only rolling does not stir) out of the drum is the finished product, the product should be consistent color, the surface is a pleasant golden color, the sealing beautiful and smooth.

4. Summary And Company Introduction

Summary And Company Introduction
Summary And Company Introduction

Suzhou Gu Su Chocolate Machinery Co., Ltd. is a core competitive manufacturer and operator, a long history. Our main products, in addition to the Chocolate bar making machine, there are a Chocolate storage tank, a Chocolate coating machine, bean forming machine Chocolate, decorator, chocolate molding machine, making chocolate machine, etc. Of course, the chocolate machinery developed by our company is much more than that, if you are a chocolate manufacturer and need to use a new chocolate machine, then you can contact us. We are committed to improving the mechanical properties of chocolate while reducing costs and increasing profits for all chocolate suppliers. We still have an increasingly international market share in the global manufacturing market. We rely on the love and support of our consumers to become the business of our minded consciousness. We sincerely look forward to our customers providing more business for both of us.

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