Do You Know How a China Chocolate Bar Making Machine Makes Chocolate?

Chocolate bars are believed to be the favorite snacks of most of us. Today, let’s learn how chocolate factories use China chocolate bar making machine to make chocolate bars, which can produce 7 million bars a day. Yes, you heard it right, 7 million! Nearly 1900 per minute.

Cocoa Bean Processing Programchocolate bar making machine

After the cocoa beans arrive at the factory, sampling analysis is carried out first, such as key ingredients and flavor indicators. Then, according to the product formulation requirements, cocoa beans of different varieties or origins are mixed. This process will determine the characteristic taste and flavor of each chocolate product.

For example, African cocoa beans can bring a basic aroma to chocolate, and American and Asian cocoa beans can give chocolate. More subtle scents of chocolate. Whether white chocolate or dark chocolate, the raw material is cocoa beans, and the last step in the factory is the China chocolate bar making machine.

The first process is naturally to clean; the appropriate size of sieve holes on the iron plate can let the cocoa beans fall and leave other large-sized things. Washing the cocoa beans of debris such as stones, dirt, and sand followed by a quick drying makes it easier to grind the beans and remove their shells, leaving only the pits.

After the preliminary screening, the hard surface of the cocoa beans needs to be removed. The cocoa beans pass through an extruder, the cocoa beans are mixed and extruded by rollers, and the shell of the cocoa beans is removed to obtain the cocoa beans we need. Part.

After the residual shell is removed by vacuum, the cocoa beans are sent to three huge ovens for baking. The roasted cocoa beans are fed into a giant food processor an hour later. The cocoa beans are turned into a viscous, brown-colored substance called chocolate liquid, which is liquid because it contains cocoa butter.

Processing With China Chocolate Bar Making Machine

The chocolate liquid that has just been processed is transported from the cocoa bean processing workshop to the next seminar through a pipeline. The slightly bitter chocolate liquid is turned into hundreds of thousands of tons of sweet chocolate. First, to mix with other ingredients, all these stainless steel China chocolate bar making machine, chocolate delivery pumps, and containers are filled with chocolate liquid ingredients.

Put the chocolate, cocoa butter, vegetable oil, sugar, dairy products, etc., into this mixing device. Here the output is a coarse, chocolate-like powder, mass-produced at 9 tons per hour. The conveyor belt feeds the mixed ingredients into a huge heated chocolate delivery pump. After seven to eight hours of mixing, the liquid chocolate comes out. Liquid chocolate is pumped into huge barrels that can hold 28 tons of chocolate, and one barrel can make about 2 million chocolate bars with the China chocolate bar making machine.

Accessories Processing Program

To make chocolate bars with a China chocolate bar making machine, besides chocolate, there is another very important raw material, wafers. So the first step in creating a wafer is to make a flour and water paste and add some special ingredients. The flour is first transferred from the silo into the mixers, making the batter.

Pipe the batter onto the hinged pancake iron. These are called conveyors. The upper part of the conveyor falls and closes to flatten the batter and spread over the entire rectangular mold. The conveyor belt feeds the rectangular batter directly into the 30-meter-long oven.

At 150 degrees, the conveyor leaves the oven and spits out golden wafers after a few minutes. To make the wafers crispier, place them on a cooling rack and raise them to nine meters to save space, passing through an arched bend on the third floor. After cooling, head back downstairs and slide down the ramp, then spread the filling, a sweet filling made from cocoa liquor and sugar.

Then the machine puts a piece of spread wafer on top of another spread wafer and stacks three layers in total so that there are three layers of wafers sandwiched with two layers of filling, and one-piece can be produced in 5 seconds. . A pair of robotic arms then stack the large wafers. Then cut into small pieces. Could you send them to be covered in chocolate?

Chocolate Finishing Processbest chocolate bar making machine

Next, transfer to the China chocolate bar making machine workshop to combine liquid chocolate and wafers. Pour the chocolate into the mold. Then put the wafers into the mold. The filled wafers are cut to size and then placed on top of the chocolate in the mold.

Detected by China chocolate bar making machine

If the China chocolate bar making machine detects that there is no wafer, it will be marked in red so the device knows where it is, and at the end of the process, it will throw away the bar. Next, add the chocolate on the back; the chocolate is left through the tube and injected here.

Then flatten with a mold. So, I must be curious, how to get the chocolate bar out of the mold perfectly? The secret is here. The material of the mold is hard plastic, which has good reductibility. Therefore, after the chocolate bar is cooled, the two sides of the mold are twisted in different directions by the machine below.

Chocolate Bar Packaging

The last step of the chocolate bar is done with the China chocolate bar making machine, and then it is ready to be sent for packaging. First up is the foil wrap. Then there is the paper packaging. It is then packaged in multiple packs. The chocolates are stacked on pallets by robots and sent to the warehouse for standby.

What is even more powerful is the high intelligence of the warehouse. Each pallet of chocolate is stored, monitored, and moved by robots.

A computer system operates the warehouse. Once the goods enter this warehouse, five huge cranes stack them on pallets for storage and then send them to the loading area when orders come in.

It is amazing to be able to achieve such a high output on the same day. From the processing of raw materials to the final packaging and inventory, the whole process takes less than 24 hours. The craftsmanship is very exquisite, especially the China chocolate bar making machine is an indispensable machine.

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