Application Of Chocolate Delivery Pump

Chocolate is widely used in desserts and candies, but the cost-effectiveness of handling chocolate is a challenge. China chocolate delivery pump can solve these problems and is commonly used in European countries.


Chocolate Delivery Pump Market Outlook

chocolate delivery pump

China chocolate delivery pump is suitable for all kinds of food delivery pumps. It is the first in China and even globally, and its technical level is in the leading position in the world. The chocolate delivery pump can be used in chocolate, candy, jam, and other food fields. It can be extended to transport other supercritical fluids, a revolutionary change in traditional delivery technology.

There is no shortage of options for various pumping types in the food and beverage processing industry. For users, these options seem endless, such as chocolate delivery pumps in the industry to adapt to various food industries.


Constant Temperature Is a Top Secret In Making Chocolate

A stable temperature is essential in the process of handling chocolate. Excessive temperatures can cause changes in the medium, such as caramel. In contrast, lower temperatures can cause the medium to become viscous and increase internal friction, reducing flow rates, affecting conveying, causing condensation and energy loss, and production stoppages.

Chocolate is a shear-sensitive and abrasive medium. It will be affected by the chocolate delivery pump during the conveying process. Still, the abrasive medium will cause wear and tear to the hose or contact materials, resulting in degradation. Hygiene and contamination-free are the most critical factors for pumps used in production lines.

Therefore, the medium conveyed by the chocolate delivery pump must also be reliably sealed and communicated, and the contact material cannot damage the integrity of the chocolate. The last thing to consider is the chocolate’s viscosity- the pump’s working principle ensures that the pump uses low power consumption and high-efficiency characteristics to deliver the thick chocolate.


Chocolate Delivery Pump Solution

Good after-sale chocolate delivery pump has stable delivery and no leakage. The chocolate delivery pump can provide a steady flow of up to 350m³/h to deliver chocolate. The working principle of the chocolate delivery pump determines that the pump can ideally have viscous or very viscous media, which in turn depends on the operating speed of the pump unit.

The chocolate delivery pump can handle media with temperatures up to 300°C; thanks to its working principle, it can process chocolate or similar media while maintaining low energy consumption.

There are only two running parts during the operation of the chocolate delivery pump, so the chocolate will not be shared. Non-pulsating, constant flow from the gears, so no vibration for valves or connections. Insulation jacketed equipment is suitable for all gear pump series gear heat maintenance. All chocolate delivery pumps can be easily removed and installed, and the pump body can be rotated 90° or 180° to the port.


Advantages Of Chocolate Delivery Pump


China chocolate delivery pump


Fluid viscosity is the most concerned characteristic of chocolate delivery pump operators. The above flow performance ratings of the pump will degrade with media viscosity. Most pumps are rated for a maximum flow rate of 1 cP of water. Most food ingredients are thicker than water, so the maximum flow rate is reduced by 5% to 25%.

The viscosity of the medium affects not only the fluid output but also the ease of feeding the chocolate delivery pump. Since the pump does not generate a self-suction solid force at the inlet, it is challenging to absorb materials with higher viscosity. On the other hand, electric or pneumatic diaphragm pumps and peristaltic pumps use the suction they generate to load high-viscosity media into the pump.

The abrasiveness of the chocolate delivery pump is easy to wear pump parts, especially when a centrifugal pump is used, which will lead to higher maintenance costs. Media with a high sugar content will wear parts quickly compared to other media.

Pumps sometimes use unique materials and coatings to handle this increased wear properly. However, it can still be challenging to overcome leakage from rotating seals and wear on rotors over time. Since diaphragm pumps do not utilize rotating seals or rotating components, they are easier to handle abrasives than the tight tolerance fits required by lobe pumps.

The user should pay attention to any solids or particles in the medium to be conveyed. Food ingredients like salsa, fruit fillings, etc., have chunks of food in the liquid. Chocolate delivery pumps can handle some solids but are not significant and often damage the pellets and degrade the media due to the type and speed of the pump.

Make sure that the chocolate delivery pump material is compatible with the medium being conveyed so that the pump will run for a long time. Pump construction and elastomers must also be consistent with factory cleaning protocols and CIP/COP requirements. When selecting the correct chocolate delivery pump, the cleaning capabilities of the pump and factory cleaning procedures must be considered.

Does the facility require a pump that can be cleaned without disassembly? This may lead users to pumps or other rotary pumps designed for CIP functionality. Diaphragm pumps can be washed in the area, depending on the medium. Many plants are now using steam to clean in size, which means that all pump components must withstand the extreme steam temperatures passing through the pump.


The Critical Process Of Making Chocolate

1.Chocolate polishing machines, chocolate chip-making machines, chocolate molding lines, and other equipment are indispensable in the manufacture of chocolate, and a chocolate delivery pump is essential in every link. The demand for pump technology is also very different. In general, chocolate processing requires a pump capable of conveying high-sweetness media. The requirements for further development stages for other food companies are also additional.

To achieve the specific purpose of use, it is essential to choose the correct and suitable chocolate delivery pump at any time. To ensure the best operation of the equipment and meet the customer’s demand for products, the cost of using the chocolate delivery pump can be minimized. According to the enterprise’s production capacity and cost control, the pumps can be divided into pumps for standardized operations and pumps for specific needs.

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