How To Adjust The Temperature Of A Chocolate Tempering Machine!

Today we are going to learn about the method of tempering chocolate. This article mainly focuses on the tempering method of the chocolate tempering machine!

1.What Is Chocolate?

First, let’s take a look at chocolate. Chocolate is a cocoa product (cocoa butter, cocoa mass, or cocoa powder), white sugar, and sweeteners as the primary raw materials, with or without dairy products and food additives. The solid food made by the process has attracted countless consumers with its delicate and smooth taste and unique fragrance.

Chocolate is rich in magnesium, potassium, vitamin A and cocoa, which are very nutritious. Chocolate is poisonous to many animals. But for humans, the cocoa line is a healthy anti-sedative ingredient. Therefore, the consumption of chocolate can enhance the spirit, strengthen excitement, and have other effects.

2. Chocolate Tempering Method.

We all know that the melting point of chocolate is shallow; it will melt at 40-50°C. Moreover, the thermal conductivity of chocolate is inferior. If you heat it directly with an open flame when adjusting the temperature, it will likely cause the chocolate to burn. There are many ways to temper chocolate. There are many ways to temper chocolate.

Under normal circumstances, small batches of chocolate products are mainly melted by heating through the water. The method of heating through water is more suitable for small dessert shops and studios. If it is mass production, it is generally operated directly with a chocolate tempering machine. The chocolate tempering machine also adjusts the temperature.

But the water-insulating heating method still does not save energy by the chocolate tempering machine. If the budget permits, it is still recommended to use a chocolate tempering machine to adjust the temperature. Why do you say that?

3. Influencing Factors Of Chocolate Tempering.

As we all know, two factors affect the tempering of chocolate: temperature and water volume. To adjust the temperature using the water-proof heating method, the chocolate needs to be cut into relatively uniform pieces so that the chocolate can melt faster.

If a small amount of water is mixed into the melted chocolate, the water will be locked by the chocolate, solidify into a mass, and produce small lumps. If you use the chocolate tempering machine, you don’t need to have that trouble.

The chocolate tempering machine can help you save a lot of energy. You don’t have to worry about the chocolate mash or the formation of lumps, leading to failure of tempering.

Influencing factors of chocolate tempering.
Influencing factors of chocolate tempering.

4. Advantages Of Chocolate Tempering Machine.

Because of the crystalline properties of cocoa butter, it must be tempered by a chocolate tempering machine to show its luster, brittleness, and good taste. So what exactly is thermoregulation? How to choose a chocolate tempering machine?

Next, I will introduce the principle of the chocolate tempering machine and discuss with you what the chocolate tempering machine has changed.

5. The Main Steps Of The Chocolate Tempering Machine.

The primary step of the chocolate tempering machine is to melt and stir the chocolate to make the chocolate liquid, stir to cool the chocolate, and finally stir to warm the chocolate. The three stages have specific temperature requirements, which we call: the tempering curve of chocolate. If the temperature is not in place, it needs to be remade.

 The chocolate tempering machine.
The chocolate tempering machine.

We can analyze chocolate through a microscope. Under the microscope, we can see that chocolate is homogeneous and polycrystalline.

Several crystals will disintegrate at a specific temperature set by the chocolate tempering machine: Crystal 1 starts to deteriorate at 17℃, Crystal 2 starts to decay at 23℃, Crystal 3 starts to disintegrate at 25.5℃, Crystal 4 starts to rot at 27℃, Crystal 5 34℃ began to deteriorate, and No. 6 crystal began to disintegrate at 36℃. The No. 5 crystal, which is the crystal melted at 34°C, is hexagonal and the most stable.

Crystal No. 6 is a relatively stable crystal, but it is the leading cause of oil spots. The remaining No. 1 to No. 4 crystals are unstable because their shape prevents them from being neatly arranged to form a lock. It will cause the chocolate to be dull, fragile, and challenging to set.

When the chocolate tempering machine heats the chocolate and melts it into a liquid, the chocolate will lose all crystal forms;

when the temperature is lowered to about 27℃, the crystals of No. 4, No. 5, and No. 6 will condense again, and then the temperature will be increased to about 31℃. The crystal of No. 4 will be re-condensed. Melted, only crystal five and crystal six are left.

6. Summary Of Temperature Regulation Principle Of Chocolate Tempering Machine.

Therefore, the principle of temperature adjustment of the chocolate tempering machine is to transform all the chocolate crystals into stable crystals through heating, cooling, and then heating. Make the surface of the chocolate smooth, which is convenient for the later use of the chocolate bean forming machine or chocolate moulding line for infusion mold shaping, which is also conducive to the quick and clean demoulding of the chocolate, avoiding the formation of white oil spots in the chocolate, better storage, and a fine and smooth texture.

principle of chocolate tempering machine
principle of chocolate tempering machine

Speaking of this, someone will ask me, is the meaning of agitation to melt the chocolate and let it cool by itself? No need to use a chocolate tempering machine, right?

The answer is, of course, no. First of all, the temperature adjustment process of chocolate always requires stirring, which can promote the transformation of unstable crystals into stable crystals and produce a chain reaction; sufficient time is needed for cooling, so the cooling cannot be too fast. Minor carelessness will lead to chocolate tempering failure.

Cooling down is a tedious process, so it is recommended that you still use a chocolate tempering machine to adjust the temperature to save some time and energy.

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