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the use of chocolate machinery in the production process

What machinery will be used in the chocolate production process?

There are many types of chocolate machinery in Gusu, how to distinguish the functions of this machinery? You can find the products you need from the chocolate processing process.

The general processing process of chocolate is as follows:

raw material pretreatmentmixing and fine grindingrefiningtemperature adjustment and insulationforming

(1) Pretreatment of cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, and cocoa butter substitute

To facilitate the full mixing of cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, cocoa butter substitutes, and other raw materials, to adapt to the requirements of the production process, these raw materials generally need to be pretreated before feeding and mixing.

Cocoa lump, cocoa butter, and cocoa butter substitutes are in a solid-state at room temperature. They need to be melted before being mixed and finely ground. The melting temperature generally does not exceed 60°C. To speed up the melting rate of raw materials and shorten the melting time, the big pieces can be divided into small pieces, and then put into the Fat Melter to melt.

(2) Pretreatment of sugar

Sugar is indispensable as the raw material of chocolate. If the granules of sugar are very coarse, it will increase the grinding time. Therefore, the granulated sugar should be put into the Sugar Miller Machine and crushed to a certain degree of fineness, so that improving grinding efficiency.

After pretreatment, the raw materials can be measured according to the proportion of the product and added to the Chocolate Conche with Chocolate Ball Mill for sufficient mixing and fine grinding.

(1) The role of fine grinding

①Fine grinding can make the raw materials reach a certain fineness, and most of the raw materials have a fineness of 20-25 microns, which will make the taste smooth and smooth.

②Fine grinding makes various raw materials mix uniformly, forming a highly uniform dispersion system, and has good fluidity.

③Fine grinding can reduce the moisture in the ingredients so that the moisture content does not exceed 1%.

④Fine grinding can dilute and emulsify raw materials. If the temperature of the raw material is kept constant, the finer the fine grinding, the thicker the raw material and the lower the fluidity.

(2) Refining temperature and time

The requirements for the fine grinding temperature and time are that the temperature should be constant at 40-42°C and not more than 50°C. Excessive temperature will affect the aroma and quality of chocolate. The time for continuous fine grinding of raw materials should be controlled within 16 to 24 hours.

(3) Fine grinding fineness

The chocolate refining process is a physical dispersion change. The use of mechanical extrusion and friction will reduce the size of the raw material particles until the average fineness of the raw material particles reaches 15-30 microns to meet the technical requirements. Also, heavy metals in finely ground raw materials must not exceed the specified indicators, and microbiological indicators must not exceed the requirements of sanitary indicators.

Using Chocolate Refiner can further improve the quality of chocolate raw materials. In the process of using chocolate machinery to refine, the physical and chemical properties of chocolate raw materials will change to varying degrees.

(1) The role of refining

①Promote the color change of chocolate raw materials;

②Remove the residual volatile acids in the cocoa material;

③Promote the chemical changes of flavor substances in chocolate raw materials;

④ Promote changes in the viscosity of raw materials and improve the fluidity of raw materials;

⑤ Refining is the continuous mechanical mixing, kneading, and shearing of raw materials to further break down the raw material plasmids; through continuous mechanical collision and friction, the shape of the particles of cocoa butter and sugar becomes smoother, which improves the taste of chocolate.

(1) The purpose of chocolate tempering

One is to make the cocoa butter crystals in the slurry form stable β crystals and express them with a black luster;

The second is to extend the shelf life of products. Insufficient or over-tempered chocolate will result in increased non-beta crystals, dull and dull appearance, rough texture or surface condensation, etc., which will directly reduce the quality of chocolate and ultimately shorten the product shelf life.

(2) Chocolate tempering curve

The first temperature zone is 30 to 31°C, the second temperature zone is 29 to 31°C, the third temperature zone is 27 to 28°C and the fourth temperature zone is 29 to 31°.

The tempering of different chocolates is not the same. Generally, the final tempering temperature of milk chocolate is slightly lower, 29-30℃; dark chocolate is slightly higher, 2-3℃ higher than milk chocolate. Because the milk fat in milk chocolate affects the tempering temperature, the higher the milk fat content, the lower the tempering temperature.

Gusu Chocolate Tempering Machine can complete this meticulous work. At the same time, it can be used with a Chocolate Storage Tank and a reasonable selection of chocolate machinery can keep the materials at the ideal temperature.

Molding is the transformation of chocolate raw materials from liquid to stable solid, allowing these chocolates to meet different market needs.

Gusu provides different kinds of chocolate machinery for different types of products.

(1) Chocolate Moulding Machine: This kind of chocolate machine can inject raw materials into the mold, remove the bubbles in the raw materials by shaking and cool the temperature of these chocolates, and then release them after the chocolate has solidified.

(2) Chocolate Bean Roller Former: Everyone should be familiar with M&M. This is the chocolate machinery used to produce this type of product.

(3) Chocolate Enrober: To make coating chocolate, that is, to coat a layer of chocolate on the surface of a biscuit or other candy, this machine should be able to meet your needs.

(4) Compound Candy Bar Making Line: With the continuous change and increase of market demand, more abundant energy bar products are welcomed by everyone. This chocolate machine is your good choice.

In addition to the chocolate machinery mentioned above, Gusu also has Chocolate Cereal Bar Moulding Line, Nuts Spreader, Chocolate Packing Machine, and other products, which provide favorable technical support for your chocolate production. Your consultation is always welcome.


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