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We are a long-established provider of chocolate machinery and technology. You can easily access professional chocolate production equipment and technology through us. Whether you are a small handmade chocolate manufacturer or a large-scale industrial chocolate manufacturer, we can provide professional technology and equipment to help you improve product quality and production efficiency.

the use of chocolate machinery in the production process

What machinery will be used in the chocolate production process?

There are many types of chocolate machinery in Gusu, how to distinguish the functions of this machinery? You can find the products you need from the chocolate processing process.

The general processing process of chocolate is as follows:

raw material pretreatmentmixing and fine grindingrefiningtemperature adjustment and insulationforming

In addition to the chocolate machinery mentioned above, Gusu also has Chocolate Cereal Bar Moulding Line, Nuts Spreader, Chocolate Packing Machine, and other products, which provide favorable technical support for your chocolate production. Your consultation is always welcome.


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