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Chocolate Moulding Line:

QJJ275 Chocolate Moulding Line
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QJJ275 Chocolate Moulding Line

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Gusu Machinery® QJJ275 Chocolate Moulding Line is an automatic multi-functional chocolate production line. The whole line controlled by one PLC touch screen panel which is very stability, security and operable. This chocolate moulding line presents the advantages of comparison both at price and quality compared with similar products home and abroad.

Gusu Machinery® QJJ275 Chocolate Moulding Line consists of Moulds Dry, Duantification Depositing, Vibration, Pre-Cooling, Shell-Forming, Center-Filling, Nuts Adding, Cooling, Auto-Demould, Moulds Turn-Over procedures etc. These all units form a perfect multi-function automatic chocolate moulding line which applies to producing center-filling chocolate, variety chocolate products, solid and hollowed chocolate, crushed nuts filled chocolate and pure chocolate.


Gusu Machinery® QJJ275 Chocolate Moulding Line is the ideal chocolate production equipment for producing modernization, wide range chocolate products with high quality and scientific arrangement. Gusu Machinery® is willing to manufacture different models to meet the diversified needs of customers and market. Customers can select and choose different assembling parts required from different marketing demands.

Technical Parameters:

Total Power


Molds Size




Depositing Frequency

12-18 Time/Min

Depositing Range


Air Pressure

6 Bar

Overall Size



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