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Chocolate Machine:

Chocolate Pattern Decorator
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Chocolate Pattern Decorator

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Gusu Machinery® Chocolate Pattern Decrating Machine is designed for the special purpose of decorating biscuit and chocolate surfaces with chocolate patterns. A range of patterns can be selected(The pattern as shown in the figure is just for reference.)

The nozzles driven by motor moves in longitudinal and transverse directions thus produce the desired patterns. The movements of the nozzle tube can be adjusted infinitely during simple operation.


Our machines are available in a variety of width:

400, 600, 800, 1000 and 1200mm

Customized sizes are available upon request.


Gusu Decorative Pattern Machine is a universal decoration system for sweets, candy bars, biscuits, wafer, cakes, ice cream, etc. The variety of dash, zigzag, circular or double loop movements are nearly unlimited.