Silicon Valley is the most concentrated place of modern high-tech enterprises. Silicon Valley's contribution to the new economy of the United States is not only reflected in the economic growth, but also in the development of a sound market mechanism and the creation of a culture conducive to innovation. Silicon Valley people in the entrepreneurial culture to create a Silicon Valley, and Silicon Valley culture and further attract and gather the talents into Silicon Valley.

The road to the sea is inseparable from the current path of the Internet, Google Jiangsu experience center as a project carrier, through a series of initiatives to complete this mission. The main countries of the Silk Road Economic Zone of industrial and manufacturing product search needs every day more than ten million level, overseas market has unlimited business opportunities, the key is to use the traditional method has been difficult to obtain customer acceptance, and high cost. The Google is just to make up for this defect, Chinese companies and foreign local enterprises are using the same platform, the same way Google get new users.

Google AdWords Jiangsu experience center will serve as the world's latest coolest product display center, the first time and the latest international science and technology synchronization, understanding of high-tech vane. Jiangsu Experience Center for innovation and entrepreneurship to provide entrepreneurial ideas and direction guidance to understand the latest technology trends in the world, the latest products, capital investment weathervane. The first time to seize and create the local creation of high-tech, with the aid of the Internet carrier, no time and space constraints, and then shaping the local glory.