Chocolate Delivery Pump

Chocolate Delivery Pump

GUSU Chocolate Delivery Pump is specialized for delivery of chocolate mass. The

pump body is with water-circulating heat preservation system. Customers can choose

different model according to the flow rate required. The pump can be used individually

or with other production lines for automatic chocolate mass feeding.

Model SJB25 SJB32 SJB4000
Flow Rate(L/min) 25 32 70
Delivery Lift(m) 4 4 10
Motor Power(KW) 0.75 1.5 2.2
Net Weight(kg) 105 120 180
Overall Sizes(mm) 700*300*350 780*390*350 800*350*500


chocolate deliver pump

Chocolate Delivery Pump

Gusu Chocolate Delivery Pump Machine is cheap and quality chocolate mass delivery machine and equipment. Wholesale chocolate heat pumps, chocolate feeding machine and chocolate delivery pump machine are price reasonable and reliable. The processing and manufacturing of chocolate will be more efficient and safe.

chocolate deliver pump

Chocolate Transport Pump

Gusu Chocolate Transport Pump Machine is specially used in the chocolate production line. The chocolate transport pump is produced by the qualified and certificated chocolate mass delivery pump manufacturer in China. The precision machineries we produce have good stability. The automatic chocolate pumping equipment will be intact delivered.

chocolate deliver pump

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Chocolate Feeding Pump

Gusu chocolate feeding pump is specially used for chocolate mass feeding. Gusu chocolate machinery , as the manufacturer, supplier and factory of chocolate heat pumps, chocolate feeding machine and chocolate mass delivery pump.


Chocolate Heating Pump

Gusu chocolate heating pump is used in the chocolate other production lines. Gusu chocolate machinery, as China manufacturer and wholesaler of chocolate feeding machine, chocolate heat pumps and chocolate delivery pump machine will provide the best qualified chocolate equipment.